Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University



Issue:2015 №1 (49)
Section:Industrial economics
Article language:Ukrainian
Title:Formation of socially responsible business environment for a cityforming enterprise in the uranium ore mining and processing region
Authors:Tymoshenko L. V., Krylova O. V.
Annotation:Scientific and practical principles of creating socially responsible business environment of a city-forming enterprise and guarantee of coordination of actions of state government, executive powers and the publicity are grounded. The necessity for using principles of social responsibility and opportunities of the city-forming mining enterprise, the various branches of government and the community in dealing with problems of radiation and social protection of the population in the raw uranium extraction and processing region is investigated. 
Keywords:City-forming enterprise, State and local government, Radiation and social protection of the population, Socially responsible business environment, Territorial community
File of the article:EV20151_097-103.pdf