Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University



Issue:2015 №1 (49)
Section:Industrial economics
Article language:Ukrainian
Title:The efficiency of public-private partnership investment projects in coal enterprises
Author:Serdyuk A. S.
Annotation:The feasibility of using the mechanisms of public-private partnership in the coal industry of Ukraine is considered – concessions, lease of coal mines as integral property complex, technical credit, free privatization, outsourcing, joint development); methodological approaches to evaluating the effectiveness of investment projects implemented on the basis of certain mechanisms of publicprivate partnerships are studied; methodology for calculating future net cash flows is offered based on the use of forecast production and economic performance of coal mines; method of calculating the net present value of investment projects and future financial results is offered. 
Keywords:Public-private partnerships, Investment project, Concession, Lease, A coal mining company, Future cash flows, Net present value, Rental fee, Concession fee, Technical credit
File of the article:EV20151_110-117.pdf