Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University



Issue:2015 №3 (51)
Section:Industrial economics
Article language:Ukrainian
Title:Methodical approach to the formation of competitive advantages of quarry dump trucks on the basis of their technical parameters
Authors:Vagonova A. G., Bondarenko L. A.
Annotation:The methodical approach to the construction of innovative models of trucks based on the in- terrelationship of the main technical parameters of the machines is offered. The factors that influ- ence the economic performance of the rolling stock operation of motor vehicles, in particular, the cost of fuel per 1 ton load capacity and the power of 1 kW engine are determined. A method for se- lecting a model dump with the least fuel consumption taking into account the interrelationship of technical parameters of the rolling stock is developed. 
Keywords:Quarry dump trucks, Specifications, Transport efficiency, Specific fuel consumption, Statistical models
File of the article:EV20153_083-091.pdf