Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University



Issue:2014 №4 (48)
Section:Economic theory
Article language:Russian
Title:Human as a measure of science development in the modern world
Author:Zadorozhniy G. V.
Annotation:Establishment of postnonclassical science, which marks the fourth scientific revolution, has the mankind complexes as the main object of study. Man becomes the kernel of the operation of these complexes, because the only threefold nature of the man – spiritual-bio-social, where the spiritual hypostasis is a decisive in the whole of life, must specify the motives and goals of the economy. Value rationality becomes imperative to overcome the current global polysystem crisis. 
Keywords:Postnonclassical science, Mankind complexes, Value rationality, The archetype of «freedom – responsibility», University education
File of the article:EV20144_009-015.pdf