Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University




Issue:2019 №4 (68)
Section:Economics of enterprise
Article language:Ukrainian
Title:Scientific and theoretical bases of forming the process of effective management of enterprises’ economic behavior
Author:Protsenko V. M., Open International University of Human Development «Ukraine»
Annotation:One of the main reasons for the inability of domestic enterprises to overcome the crisis is their inability to modernize production and increase the output of competitive products. To eliminate these problems, it is necessary to formulate a specific strategy and tactics of economic behavior at the enterprise. The author has determined that a market economy involves the formation mechanisms for effective management of enterprises’ economic behavior, in which enterprises achieve positive financial results, strengthen their competitive positions, focus on initiative and innovativeness, quickly and flexibly respond to market changes. It is determined that the formation of diffusion in the principles of economic behavior, the absolutization of the role of money in the non-economic aspects of activity plays a large role in the transition society to a new type economy. Having solved the problem of choice, the enterprise must implement a differentiated approach in the search for its economic behavior in the market, by constantly monitoring the dynamics of market factors that determine the effectiveness of the enterprise: taxes, prices, credit rates, exchange rates and stocks. This economic information has recently become an irreplaceable resource in researching marketing, management and the like. Based on the study, a scientific and theoretical justification for the formation of the process of effective management of enterprises’ economic behavior in modern economic conditions is proposed. An important place in the formation of an enterprise strategy is given to the mechanism the process effective management of its economic behavior, taking into account the use of insignificant and untrue information along with useful and reliable information, which can lead to an increase in the likelihood of strategic errors that can lead to its bankruptcy. It is determined that the strategic decision-making system can be considered as a combination of the following components: the organizational decision-making mechanism, which determines the procedure for initiating, preparing, discussing and making decisions; the system of interests of stakeholders of the enterprise and the consideration of these interests regarding effective managerial decisions. 
Keywords:Enterprises, Enterprises’ economic behavior, Strategic, tactical and operational management, Effective managerial decisions
File of the article:EV20194_131-137.pdf
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