Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University

Scientific journal sections

  • Economic theory (current issues of modern economic theory, economic history and history of economic thought);
  • International economic relations (theory and practice of international economic relations, globalization problems, specifics of socioeconomic and sustainable development of the countries of the world)
  • Entrepreneurship and economics of enterprise (theoretical and practical issues of development of branches of national economy)
  • Finances (laws and mechanisms of financial market operation, financial support of enterprises)
  • Accounting and audit (research of methodology, methods and organization of accounting, analysis, audit and audit of financial and economic activities of enterprises and the tax system)
  • Environmental management (issues of raising utilization efficiency of environmental management, resources saving issues, problems of search and feasibility study of raw material sources, directions and efficiency of the state economic policy in resource saving and environmental protection)
  • Management (theoretical and practical issues of management in economic activities)
  • Econometrics in management decision making (scientific substantiation of efficient management decision making methods in branch and enterprise economy)
  • Мarketing (theoretical and practical issues of marketing approach to branch and enterprise development)
  • Public administration (the study of state system of economy regulation, functions, management structures of different levels, the issues of organizational and economic mechanism of state support of entrepreneurship, activation of local communities’ activities)