Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University

Requirements for authors

Please, note the following instructions to submit your full papers to the journal: the journal will consider previously unpublished papers in Ukrainian, Russian or English languages that should relate to the theoretical and practical profile and follow the guidelines:

1. The paper limit is 8–12 pages (single-spaced type), to be submitted electronically via e-mail.

2. For authors with no Dr. Sc. degree in Economics the paper will be submitted with a review by a Dr. Sc. in Economics to justify its novelty and practical value.

3. Each paper must accompany a completed corresponding author form which includes author’s Surname, Name and Patronymic, scientific degree, academic title, work place, position, business and home postal addresses, phone and fax number, e-mail address. Also include the office of Nova Poshta, for the copy of the Bulletin issue with the author’s publication to be sent to.

4. In case the author (authors) wish to get additional copies of the issue, this should be noted separately in the author form.

Article layout

The article starts with UDC index (left aligned, no indentation)

Next line (no line skip) is the title of the article (in capital letters, full page format).

After a line skip are the author’s initials and surname, scientific degree, academic title, place of work or study, address (comma separated). Full page format.

After a line skip is the abstract (1800 characters) in the language of the article. Abstract contains information about specific scientific results obtained in the course of the study, the level of their novelty, propositions concerning their solutions and practical value of the obtained results. In the next line (no indentation) are keywords (10-12 words) in full page format.

After a line skip is the main text (two columns format) which includes the following parts:

problem statement in general and its correlation with important scientific or practical tasks;

analysis of recent papers containing the solution of the above problem for the authors to ground their research (references are required), determination of previously unsolved parts of a general problem discussed in the article;

aim of the article (statement of purpose);

materials and methods of the research with full justification of the received scientific results;

conclusions of the research and perspectives for further scientific development in the sphere.

After a line skip is References (two column format). Bibliographic description is done according to GOST DSTU 7.1:2006 “The system of standards on information, library and publishing service. Bibliographic entry. Bibliographic description. General requirements and rules of composition” (State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles of Ukraine Bulletin, #3, 2008).

After a line skip are abstracts (1800 characters each) in Ukrainian (Russian) and English languages with keywords in the appropriate language (6-10 words), full page format. Abstracts start with the title of the article (full page format, capitalized), author’s initials and surname, scientific degree, academic title, place of work or study in italics, full page format.


  • title: Times New Roman – 12 pt, bold, capitalized;
  • subheading: Times New Roman – 12 pt, bold;
  • author’s initials and surname, degree, title, place of work or study, E-mail – 12 pt, italics;
  • main text, UDC – 12 pt;
  • abstracts, keywords – 12 pt;
  • references – 10 pt.

2.5 сm upper and lower margin, 2.0 сm left and right margin, two column format for the main text and references, 0.7 cm between columns. Paragraph indentation – 1.0 cm, single spacing.

Style and format

Formulas are printed in Equation Editor (MathType v. 4–5). Figures in the paper must be included as Microsoft Word object, grouped in a separate window created as “text box” or “Word picture”. Figures must be gray shade or pattern fill. Graphs are accepted in Microsoft Excel or standard graphics editors (Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator) inserted in the text as objects. If graphic editors are used, the figure can be submitted as separate files linked to the text. Raster graphic objects must be submitted in uncompressed TIFF format with resolution 300 dpi or higher. Images must not be compressed into JPEG or GIF format, as quality loss is inevitable. Schemes with text can be done in the above graphic editors or Microsoft Word, in the latter case every window must be done as text box connected with other boxes by lines or arrows and then grouped. Font size in figures must be 10pt or bigger. Captions should be grouped with figures, font size – 12 pt.

The Bulletin has publication fees of 485 UAH regardless of the number of pages in the article. Additionally, 100 UAH is charged for DOI prefix..

The article is reviewed within two weeks.

The journal is published on: January 30th, March 30th, June 30th, September 30th.