Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University




Issue:2019 №4 (68)
Section:Economics of enterprise
Article language:Ukrainian
Title:Integrated mechanism of intellectualization of managing the holistic development of enterprises: multi-agent technologies
Author:Chobitok V. I., Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogical Academy
Annotation:The article determines that the open nature of the current information environment and the global market economy leads to the active development of scientific and technological progress and increased competition in the markets, which forces enterprises to seek new methods and means of organization and management that are aimed at better and more efficient satisfaction of consumers’ requirements. Deepening globalization processes puts forward new requirements for innovative managerial activities in conjunction with the corporate and social responsibility of enterprises, requires constant monitoring of information, managerial and technical innovations, their effective and systematic implementation, while maintaining cooperation, mutual respect for all participants in the process. It is substantiated that, at present, there is a complication of organizational systems for managing the activities of enterprises and the search for methods for their effective functioning, which requires the formation of an integrated mechanism that combines and integrates the process of intellectualization of the management of the holistic development of enterprises using multi-agent technologies. In this regard, new methods of agent interaction are proposed that allow you to dynamically create networks and reconfigure them to changes in the internal and external environment. An important feature of these methods is the ability to build network states of both temporary equilibrium, which reflects the balance of interests of all participants in the interaction, and the agreed review of previously made management decisions as orders are received (rejected) or resources appear (disappear) in the environment. The article determines that the results of the study indicate that the proposed approach opens up opportunities for building a wide class of qualitatively new systems with the ability to selforganize, versatility, manufacturability, efficiency, as well as apply an individual approach to each intellectual agent. These systems can be used both for solving various problems of enterprise management, and for designing complex technical objects, conducting research and training, implementing social programs and in many other areas that require a holistic approach, the collective interaction of specialists and the coordinated adoption of intelligent management decisions. 
Keywords:Integrated mechanism, Management intellectualization, Holistic development, Multiagent technologies, Enterprises
File of the article:EV20194_148-154.pdf
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