Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University




Issue:2020 №3 (71)
Section:Economics of enterprise
Article language:Ukrainian
Title:Subjects of technical and technological development: evolution of an individual company to global TNCs
Author:Dubiei Yu. V., Dnipro University of Technology
Annotation:Methods. The study was based on the use of a set of methods of scientific knowledge: logicalhistorical analysis − to analyze the evolutionary development of organizational structures taking place under technical progress; comparative method − to investigate the features of theoretical and technological approaches to the main research of subjects of technical and technological development; generalization − to characterize the dominant conductor of scientific and technological progress in modern conditions. Results. The author analyzes the organizational structures evolution, which was necessitated by the restructuring of a classical firm under technical progress. The main subjects of technical and technological development and their functional role in the technical and technological renovation of production are highlighted. Based on the study of theoretical and methodological approaches of theclassical school of political economy, the Marxist direction, institutional theory, as well as the evolutionary economics, the variability of ideas about the direct subject of technological change is demonstrated. It is shown that in the course of evolutionary economic development, a modern corporation, combining the research, investment and innovation resources into a single whole thus turning into a powerful cluster of new technologies, has become the provider of scientific and technological progress. Novelty. The role of various organizational structures in the evolution of technical and technological development at different stages of the development of society has been clarified. The dominant tendency of technical and technological development is revealed, which is manifested within the framework of one organizational structure of the functions of invention, innovation and investment. Practical value. The results of the study expand the understanding of direct technical and technological development, as well as increase the innovativeness of business through certain stages of development of organizational forms of enterprises, which can be presented as conductors of scientific and technological progress. 
Keywords:Inventions, Innovations, Investments, Scientific and technological progress, Technical and technological development, Innovative firm, Innovative entrepreneur, Transnational corporation
File of the article:EV20203_215-222.pdf
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