Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University




Issue:2013 №1 (41)
Section:Development of economic education and training
Article language:Ukrainian
Title:Foreign language education in the new millennium: trends, innovations and perspectives
Authors:Kostritska S.,
Zuyenok I.
Annotation:The current trends in and innovative approaches to teaching/learning foreign languages in the Ukrainian non-linguistic universities are in the focus of the article. Special attention is drawn to epy course design of foreign languages for specific purposes of learners. The experience of introducing innovations in the process of teaching/learning are described in detail. Needs of elearning to be introduced in teaching/learning foreign languages are analysed. 
Keywords:Competitiveness, Communicative competence, Lifelong learning, Target situation, Learning objectives, Expected outcomes, Language proficiency level
File of the article:EV20131_151-160.pdf