Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University




Issue:2013 №1 (41)
Section:Development of economic education and training
Article language:Ukrainian
Title:«DEVELOPER» business game as a tool of competency approach implementation into learning process
Authors:Bardas A. V.,
Kazymyrenko O. V.
Annotation:Some possibilities of developing the professional competencies for Ukrainian students of managerial specialties with the help of interactive learning techniques are dealt with. The description of didactic aspects of “Developer” business game is given. The methodology of development and realization of the business game is proposed. The experience of applying the “Developer” business game into the learning practice aimed at developing students’ professional competencies is analyzed. Special attention is paid to the most appropriate choice of learning methods for different learner types. 
Keywords:Competency, Expertise, Didactics, Interactive gaming technology, Business game
File of the article:EV20131_161-169.pdf