Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University




Issue:2019 №1 (65)
Section:Economics of enterprise
UDK:504.06: 620.9: 330.142
Article language:Ukrainian
Title:Integral assessment of energy enterprises activities
Author:Abolhasanzad A., O.M. Beketov National University of Urban Economy in Kharkiv
Annotation:The article touches upon the problems of increasing the energy enterprise efficiency. The application of the asset efficiency and financial status indicators is suggested to provide the integrated assessment of energy enterprises activity. The advantage of using this approach is the indicators’ versatility and the ability to use them for evaluation of enterprises performance in other industries. In the process of analyzing the indicators of the activity of 23 energy enterprises, were defined the intervals for conditional classification of these enterprises as the best, worst or average indicators. Based on the grouping of energy enterprises, the author presents those ones that have high and average assets and financial performance. The criterion for the classification of energy enterprises is the average value of the group number, because, each enterprise has a high, medium or low value of indicator. According to the proposed classification method, the best companies form the first group and the worst ones form the third, so the low average group number indicates the high performance of the enterprise in the use of assets and financing its own activities. The integral indicator characterizing the activity of energy companies is proposed as the average value of all group numbers taking into account of selected indicators. The results of the integrated assessment of energy companies are presented in graphical form of rating (in particular, it was found that the best company for 2017 is PJSC DTEK Dniprooblenergo with the result of 1.67). Given the versatility of the methods used and the ease of calculations, it is advisable to apply the recommendations presented to assess the investment attractiveness of energy companies, since asset efficiency and financial condition of enterprises are important factors that determine the reasons of investing in the development of enterprises both energy complex and other sectors of the economy. 
Keywords:Energy enterprises, Asset usage indicators, Financial status, Of company group number, Integrated assessment of energy companies
File of the article:EV20191_149-157.pdf
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