Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University



Issue: 2019 №1 (65)


Zadorozhniy G. V.Homin O. V.  Unomics and existentials of economic personality in the light of post-classical economic science

Huzenko I. Yu.  Cultural-value aspects of economic globalization

Pylypenko H. M.Smiesova V. L.  Interaction of economic interests in society: a retrospective analysis of achievements of economic science

Grazhevska N. I.  Theoretical and methodological achievements of the new political economy in the research of economic interests and power relations

Bagmet K. V.  Institutional changes in the social sector of the national economy: external trends and internal contradictions

Khodzaian A. R.  Criteria for determining the structural changes priorities in the economy

Koleschuk O. Ya.  Models of formation and development of innovative activities: international experience


Petrunia V. Yu.Petrunia Yu. Ye.  Consumer behavior of private households in the context of social and management interests

Tryfonova O. V.Baranets G. V.  Application of process approach to identifying the problem of distribution activities of an industrial enterprise


Solianyk L. H.  Institutionalization of credit mechanism of stimulating innovative development of Ukraine

Barannik L. B.Dulik T. A.Alexandryuk T. Yu.  Role of tax rates for consumption in the system of fiscal- redistributive processes in Ukraine


Kopcha Yu. Yu.  Specifics of controlling in the management system of economic security formation at an enterprise

Abolhasanzad A.  Integral assessment of energy enterprises activities


Pimonenko T. V.  Determinants of improving the efficiency of green investment management

Zakharchenko N. V.Borysenko N. V.  Mechanisms of financing «green» investments

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