Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University




Issue:2020 №1 (69)
Section:Economics of enterprise
Article language:Ukrainian
Title:Methodology of diagnostics of economic security level of an enterprise
Author:Kutsenko V. Y., Oles Honchar Dnipro National University
Annotation:Methods. Permanent multisystem crisis and bankruptcy of business entities in Ukraine and abroad show their economic vulnerability. This requires finding new ways of forming economic security of an enterprise (ESE). The scientific community is inclined to conclude that moral culture of the working people is the basis of development and security, but it requires methodological diagnosis of the ESE level to improve its various components. The purpose is to develop methodology (philosophical approach) determining the essence of ESE, causes of threats, security management and ways to improve it. Research methods are: universal – general philosophical method based on the objective laws of human development (analysis, synthesis of the ESE components); sociological method through interviews, questionnaires, data processing, grouping, ranking, collective assessment. Results. The study allowed to determine the methodology (philosophical sense) of economic security of an enterprise, diagnostics of the ESE level based on its seven components (cultural and legal component, the significance of which is almost twice as great as the financial one; information; social (HR); marketing; environmental; technical; financial components) and four levels (crisis, evaluation 0,00–1,49; unsatisfactory – 1,50–2,49; satisfactory – 2,50–3,49; and good – 3.50–4,50). Methodology of diagnostics of the ESE level has been tested in modern conditions of economic activity of PJSC «Interpipe NTRP». Novelty. The main cause of internal and external threats to business activity are loss of moral values of life and business, overconfidence, selfishness. The essence of ESE is that it is a constant and reliable protection work collective, its property and activities from discord, rivalry, wars, crises and bankruptcies neighbor by keeping eternal moral values of love and concern for others and the environment. Therefore, the key direction of ESE is moral culture of the individual and collective (cultural and legal component), which determines all economic activities, sustainable (life-giving) development and its long-term security. Practical value. Basic ways of raising the ESE level have been developed: moral education of the individual and society at the level of family, of workforce and state, as security management is formed by socio-economic security of every member of the workforce based on their historical, cultural (moral) values. Area of research in this promising direction is unlimited both in space and in time. 
Keywords:Moral and ethical culture of life, Social responsibility of today, Perspective and retrospective, Personal and economic security, Sustainable development
File of the article:EV20201_085-095.pdf
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