Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University



Issue: 2020 №1 (69)


Storoschuk B. D.  Regularities of transformation of economic power in the conditions of the global crisis

Lazebnyk L. L.Voitenko V. O.  The essence, features, and parameters of the digital economy

Nuriakhmetov Ye. I.Sliusareva L. V.  Specifics of e-procurement market development in ukraine

Diachenko N. I.Cherkavska T. M.  Problem of moral-ethical determinants of distributive justice: socioeconomic consequences

Tymoshenko L. V.Krylova O. V.  Institutional levers for financing small and medium-sized businesses as a component of development of depressed regions

Onysko S. M.Lyzak M. P.  Study of economic essence of «profit» category


Prokhorova V. V.Protsenko A. V.  Formation of scenarios for managing structural transformations of innovative potential of industrial energy enterprises

Maksymenko T. O.  Parity approach to increasing the economic efficiency of using solar energy by industrial enterpises

Kutsenko V. Y.  Methodology of diagnostics of economic security level of an enterprise

Dykan V. L.Obruch H. V.  Development of an approach to the formation of non-financial motivation of employees of enterprises of railway transport in the conditions of digitalization

Mushnikova S. A.  Convergent-integrated security management mechanism for metallurgical enterprises development: scientific-and-practical aspect of development

Protsenko V. M.  Modern scientific and practical approach to evaluating the intensification of the management cycle of enterprises’ economic behavior

Naboka R. M.Shuklina V. V.  Scenario approach to managing the information and communication potential of the enterprise in the supply chain

Havrylenko M. M.  Methods of estimating the financial effectiveness of business model of an industrial enterprise

Chobitok V. I.  Synectic approach to intellectualization of management of enterprise’s holistic development


Abernikhina I. H.Sokyrynska I. H.  Liquidity and solvency assessment of an insurance company

Stoliar O. O.  Structural analysis of gas distribution as a part of gas price for consumers


Kuvaieva T. V.  Criteria model for evaluating the partnership effectiveness for the industrial enterprise

Yatsentyuk S. V.  Influence of the brand attributes on the formation of its target image under new market and technological conditions


Kozenkova V. D.  Modeling of assessment indicators of intangible assets of industrial enterprises

Demydenko M. A.Kabachenko D. V.  Economic models of optimal enterprise production output strategy

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