Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University




Issue:2020 №1 (69)
Section:Economics of enterprise
Article language:Ukrainian
Title:Convergent-integrated security management mechanism for metallurgical enterprises development: scientific-and-practical aspect of development
Author:Mushnikova S. A., National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine
Annotation:Research methods. The results are obtained through the use of the following methods: abstraction – in determining the essence of the concept of «enterprise development security management mechanism»; a systems approach, analysis and synthesis – in determining the relationship between the components of the security management mechanism of enterprise development; method of general and special – in identifying the patterns of evolutionary development of the philosophical concept of the category «mechanism». Results. The main reasons for the complete or partial loss of controllability of domestic enterprises, in particular, metallurgical enterprises, are indicated, namely: physical and moral aging of fixed assets and technological processes, a decrease in the level of qualification and competence of managerial personnel, which, in turn, reduces enterprises’ ability to adapt, develop positively and self-organize. It is shown that despite almost half a century of using the category of «mechanism» in economics and enterprise management, researchers have not come to a consensus on its definition. It is determined that among the generally recognized components of the management mechanism (purpose, principles, methods, tools), the convergent-integrated enterprise development security management mechanism has specific functional components aimed at performing controlling functions. Novelty. The ideas about the «management mechanism» from the point of view of evolution of the philosophical aspect are clarified, and the concept of the «enterprise development security management mechanism» is defined as a set of actions aimed at achieving the protected state of the enterprise in the process of its adaptation to transformation in space and time. It is noted that the mechanism for managing the safety of enterprise development is a multi-criteria process. Therefore, within the framework of the study, it is proposed to build a convergent-integrated mechanism for managing the security of enterprise development, based on the processes of convergence and integration (merging) of components (goals, principles, methods) of management mechanisms: enterprise development, security, the formation of alternative solutions to determine an acceptable risk level and causal mechanism for the formation of alternative managerial decisions. Practical value. The designing of a security management mechanism for the development of metallurgical enterprises will make it possible to achieve a secure state of the enterprise in the process of adaptation to transformation in space and time, taking into account the specifics of their activities and the complexity of management processes. 
Keywords:Convergence, Integration, Control mechanism, Philosophical aspect, The components of the mechanism, The security of the development of a metallurgical enterprise, Functional components, The provision of the mechanism
File of the article:EV20201_108-116.pdf
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