Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University




Issue:2020 №1 (69)
Section:Economics of enterprise
Article language:Ukrainian
Title:Modern scientific and practical approach to evaluating the intensification of the management cycle of enterprises’ economic behavior
Author:Protsenko V. M., Open International University of Human Development «Ukraine»
Annotation:Methods. With the help of generalization and systems analysis, the theoretical provisions on the essence, goals, functions and principles of intensification of the cycles of management of economic behavior of enterprises are systematized. Structural and functional analysis made it possible to identify the main elements of the system of measures to increase the intensification of management of economic behavior of enterprises. Results. It has been established that any initiative for the development of an enterprise is outlined by the development prospects, and determined in the goal, which is achieved through the implementation plans. A clear goal allows one to plan further actions to achieve it, as well as identify possible options for achieving this goal, and choose the best ways. Actions can be detailed to the necessary and sufficient level. Thus, the intensification of managing the economic behavior of enterprises and the planning measures to achieve the goal are implemented. An effective system for intensifying the management of enterprises’ economic behavior is the correct setting of goals, objectives and the timeliness of their achievement. The feasibility of the set goals must be compared with the developed enterprises’ strategy. Novelty. Intensification systems for managing the enterprises’ economic behavior are defined. The principle of increasing the efficiency of intensifying the management the enterprises’ economic behavior using the McKinsey model 7S is considered. A modern of scientific and practical approach to assessing the intensification of the management cycles of enterprises’ economic behavior is proposed. Practical value. It was determined that the choice of a basis for comparison is of great importance for assessing the cycle of intensifying the management of enterprises’ economic behavior, as well as is important the determination the efficiency level, which is taken as a standard that can be developed using the methods designing management systems, based on best practices and the application progressive managerial decisions. This makes it possible to formulate several approaches that can be used with specific requirements and in specific situations. 
Keywords:Enterprises, Economic behavior enterprises, Intensification, Scientific and practical approach
File of the article:EV20201_117-124.pdf
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