Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University




Issue:2020 №3 (71)
Section:Economics of enterprise
UDK:330.341.1: 622.271.3
Article language:Ukrainian
Title:Specifics of investment activity of industrial production enterprises
Authors:Vagonova O. H., Dnipro University of Technology,
Gosalov S. A., Dnipro University of Technology,
Terekhov E. V., Dnipro University of Technology
Annotation:Methods. The results of the study are based on the application of the following methods: analytical – in determining the factors of investment activity of enterprises in the field of research; statistical – when depicting trends in investment activities of industrial enterprises in Ukraine and the world; scientific generalization and systematization – in the development of recommendations for improving the efficiency of the investment process in an industrial enterprise. Results. The current state of development of the market of industrial products is defined on the example of automobile industry. The specifics of the investment process and its dynamics in the automotive industry are presented. The main directions of improvement of automobile production for increase of its competitiveness in the market are defined. There is developed the methodical approach to the estimation of efficiency of realizing investments aimed at the increase of competitiveness of automobile production. It is substantiated that the direction of investment in the development of new products of the enterprise or modification of existing products should include an assessment of cash flows and costs for each option, taking into account the stages of the life cycle of the product in the market. Novelty. There are shown the methodical bases of the choice of the most expedient variant of investment of the enterprise assets in preservation of competitiveness and increase of efficiency of manufacture of its production. Practical value. The methodical position is brought to the level of practical recommendations concerning planning the investments of the industrial enterprise according to changes of market demand for its production, which can be used by respective enterprises while substantiating their investment strategy. 
Keywords:Investments, Market of automobile products, Investment activity, Competitiveness, Efficiency, Cash flow, Investment project
File of the article:EV20203_144-151.pdf
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