Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University




Issue:2012 №2 (38)
Section:Development of economic education and training
UDK:378: 658
Article language:Ukrainian
Title:The economic justification for international policy of higher educational institution
Authors:Shashenko O. M.,
Pashkevich M. S.,
Tertychko T. V.
Annotation:In work identified the main features of the system of higher education as the most important sphere of activity to prepare highly qualified specialists and to maintenance of employment of the population. Revealed the main tendencies of development of high schools at a stage of transition of the country to a postindustrial stage of development, transformation of the research centers, schools of thought, universities in the basic institutes of a society, system factors of social and economic Proved the necessity of change a paradigm development of the country and of the public administration by system of higher education regions. 
Keywords:Higher education, Trends in higher education institutions, State higher education governance
File of the article:EV20122_132-143.pdf