Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University



Issue: 2012 №2 (38)


Zadorozhnij V. P.  Lessons from the global financial crisis for Ukraine's economy

Shemjakov O. D.  Peculiarities of industrial democracy in the management of social and labour relations in the economically developed countries

Nikitina O. B.Petrenko A. V.  The problem of determining ., , the economic category competitive position for a comprehensive assessment of competitiveness

Bondareva O. G.  Formation of socio-economic condition of economics mining towns within the processes of restructuring of coal mines

Boychenko M. V.  Conceptual approaches to the development economics strategy of the Fund for Social Insurance for Industrial Injuries and Occupational Diseases in Ukraine

Obodets R. V.Krasnov O. A.  Technology Transfer in Ukraine: problems, current situation and ways to promote its development


Lozinskiy I. J.  Improvement of the system of coal mine Economics comprehensive assessment

Maximov S. V.Temchenko G. V.  Investigation of energy consumption costs of mining enterprises

Shvets V. J.Zharan K. S.  Production potential as an : economic category of industrial companies’ activity

Lysenko O. V.Tian Y. R.  Recording of uncertainty and risk in evaluating the effectiveness of investment projects

Papizh Y. S.Mojsenchenko N. V.  Improvement of resource management of coal mines on the basis of internal reserves control

Bagrova I. V.Garaba S. S.  Increasing of innovation activity of mechanical engineering companies

Solodovnik L. M.Skrynnyk Y. O.  The role of innovative technologies in the enterprise competitiveness

Bojko V. V.Budynska O. J.Sohach M. O.  Ways of the improvement of economic efficiency at the stage of supply of raw materials for industrial enterprises

Kapitula S. V.Kormich N. B.Kasyanenko O. S.Kompaniets K. V.  Optimization of the capital structure of the enterprise as a way of managing its profitability


Dmytruk I. A.Krasnoshtan A. M.Kogut R. J.Pechenyk O. M.Salnikov Y. G.  Application of project management methodology for improving the energy efficiency of innovative variable systems

Suhina O. M.  Modem methodological approaches to the assessment of impact of mining companies on the environment as an ecological innovation


Tituk V. K.Mikhaylenko O. J.Melnik O. J.  Investigation of the impact of the optimal process control peculiarities on the efficiency of genetic algorithm search for global extreme


Zaitseva N. V.  Methodical basis of human capital of the company

Rekova N. Y.  Methodological support of system of corporate conflicts management

Ponomarenko P. I.Tarasenko V. A.  Improvement of motivational function of the existing system of wages of drilling crews using the shifts method


Fayvishenko D. S.  Consumer potential as a factor of marketing formation of innovative potential


Beganska I. Y.  The economic essence of regional systems of higher education

Shashenko O. M.Pashkevich M. S.Tertychko T. V.  The economic justification for international policy of higher educational institution

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