Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University




Issue:2012 №3 (39)
Section:Environmental management
UDK:330.15 : 622
Article language:Ukrainian
Title:Investigation of the influence of accuracy of geological model of oil and gas deposit on its geological and economic assessment using the economic indicators
Authors:Zhyshko M. I.,
Lobasov O. P.
Annotation:Methodological approaches to investigation of influence of the accuracy of the geological model of oil and gas deposits on the assessment of the amount of reserves at various stages of study are developed. Modern tools of computer modeling of geological structure of objects using economic indicators such as die amount of annual profits from the operation of deposit, payback period and the economic risks associated with insufficient or excessive exploration are developed. 
Keywords:Economic assessment, Geological model of oil and gas deposits, Economic risk, Geological and economic analysis, Geomapping, Morphology of deposits, Reserves
File of the article:EV20123_139-145.pdf