Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University



Section: Environmental management

2020 №2 (70)

Dudnyk A. V.  Principles of ensuring environmental safety of industrial and urban agglomerations in the context of their sustainable development

2019 №4 (68)

Dudnyk A. V.  Global ecological and economic management of the interaction of natural and anthropogenic components of urbosystems

2019 №3 (67)

Dudnyk A. V.  Organizational principles of public administration policy of sustainable development of the industrial and urbanized systems

2019 №2 (66)

Drebot O. I.Gadzalo A. Ya.  Environmental and economic factors of cross-border cooperation in the context of the bug euro region

2019 №1 (65)

Zakharchenko N. V.Borysenko N. V.  Mechanisms of financing «green» investments

Pimonenko T. V.  Determinants of improving the efficiency of green investment management

2018 №4 (64)

Pimonenko T. V.Lyulyov O. O.Us Ya. O.  Theoretical aspects of green investments marketing concept

Amosha A. O.Dudnyk A. V.  On systematization of methodological principles of environmental monitoring

2018 №1 (61)

Shapoval V. A.Mormul T. M.  Strategy of entrepreneurial use of reclamated land: international practices of economic development of local communities

Terekhov Ye. V.Litvinov Yu. I.  Development of ecological enterprise in conditions of use of technogenic land

Vagonova O. H.Argevichev D. V.  Economic evaluation of priority directions of possible use of uranium waste storage territory

2017 №2 (58)

Samusia O. V.Kasianenko L. V.Romaniuk N. N.  Pay-off estimate in energy-saving technologies

Vaganova A. V.Argevichev D. V.  Socio-economic impact of waste disposal of uranium production in urban areas

2017 №1 (57)

Tymoshenko L. V.Kulichenko D. V.  Prioritization of financing of environmental protection projects

Vaganova O. H.Sheremetyeva I. V.Arzhevichev D. V.  Features ecological-economic assessment of consequences of radioactive contamination of territories by uranium production waste

2016 №4 (56)

Білоскурський Р. Р.  Нормативно-правове забезпечення еколoго-економічного розвитку України

Smolennikov D. O.  System of indicators for social and environmental responsibility of thermal-power plants

Terehov Ye. V.Litvinov Yu. I.  Substantiation of ways to improve land conservation as a factor of investment attractiveness of man-made land

2016 №3 (55)

Tymoshenko L. V.Dementieva N. V.  Environmental and economic substantiation of usage of renewable sources of energy for municipal facilities

Dudnyk A. V.  Sustainable development of urban systems: theoretical aspects

Kuryltsiv R. M.  Formation of conceptual framework of land administration systems in ukraine

Pylypenko H. M.Prushkivska E. V.Kusakova Yu. A.  Comparative analysis of the development of green tourism in ukraine and abroad

2016 №1 (53)

Garashchuk O. V.Kutcenko V. I.  Education in the context of environmentally safe development of society

Tymoshenko L. V.  Environmental and economic aspects of evaluation and prediction of air pollution in industrial city

Bardas A. V.Dudnik A. V.  On the estimation of the natural resourses potential and environment quality of urban settlement

Lazebnyk L. L.Gatska L. P.  Impact of environmental regulation on competitiveness of mining enterprises

2015 №2 (50)

Prokopenko V. I.  On assessment criteria of efficiency of land resources saving in surface mining

2015 №1 (49)

Letuchaya A. V.  Theoretical-methodological foundations of ecological expansion study

Kryvenko S. V.  Ecological and economic development features of resource saving and secondary resources using in Ukraine

2014 №3 (47)

Avdiushchenko A.  Environmental protection funds in the financial system of invironmental avtivities in Poland

Tymoshenko O. O.  Reserves of iron ore in deposit as a factor of production capacity guarantee of mining and processing plants

2014 №2 (46)

Prokopenko V. I.Timoshenko O. O.  Іnvestment activities for the restoration of the main production funds suitability in respect to deepening mining open pits zone

Vetsepura N.  Corporate social responsibility in solving environmental problems in Donetsk region

2014 №1 (45)

Zhykalyak M. V.  Efficient annuity policies in extraction of energy resources

Safronov S. O.  Social and economic effects of interaction between anthropogenic and natural subsystems of a city

Terekhov E. V.  Purpose management of lands disturbed by open pit mining operations as one of the aspects of sustainable development of technogenic are

2013 №3 (43)

Maydukova S. S.  Economic expediency using potential resource potential of mineral contained in coal production waste

Baluyeva O. V.  Method of calculating the index of socio-ecological-economic development of a city

Terekhov E. V.  Improvement of economic management of pricing the ground restored in the conditions of open-cast mining

Timoshenko L. V.  Economic aspects of controlling the degree of atmospheric air pollution from moving sources in an industrial city

2013 №2 (42)

Tymoshenko L.  Ecological and economic aspects of recycling: European and Ukrainian experience

2013 №1 (41)

Voloshenyuk V.  Ecological-and-economic and organizational aspects of nature management subjects interaction

2012 №4 (40)

Petrushenko M. M.  Analytical assessment of the potential ecological conflicts regarding to risk factor

2012 №3 (39)

Zhyshko M. I.Lobasov O. P.  Investigation of the influence of accuracy of geological model of oil and gas deposit on its geological and economic assessment using the economic indicators

Kyrychenko O. O.  Scientific, technical and innovative aspects of natural resources supply for economic development

Gromova O. M.Markova T. D.  Innovation and investment aspects of resource efficiency based on the use of heat pumps in Ukraine

2012 №2 (38)

Suhina O. M.  Modem methodological approaches to the assessment of impact of mining companies on the environment as an ecological innovation

Dmytruk I. A.Krasnoshtan A. M.Kogut R. J.Pechenyk O. M.Salnikov Y. G.  Application of project management methodology for improving the energy efficiency of innovative variable systems

2011 №2 (34)

Merzhynsky Y. K.Glushchevsky V. V.  Theoretical aspects of ecology-economic simulation of nature-resource potential

2011 №1 (33)

Silina I. V.  Theoretical aspects of efficiency evaluation of investments targeted on rational usage of nature

Yermoshkina O. V.  Financial aspects of ecological safety of the regions under institutional transformation

2010 №4 (32)

Makeev O. Y.Makeeva D. O.  Economic evaluation of expensive ecological projects

2010 №3 (31)

Rybalchenko S. M.  Scientific-methodical approaches to creation of ecologically oriented strategy of development of the enterprises in the system of strategic regional management

2010 №2 (30)

Timoshenko L. V.  Assessment of efficiency of implementation of different methods of extraction: conceptual approach

Ivanov A. M.V’yun V. G.Matviyenko A. V.  Space-territorial organization of recreational areas

Arovina M. P.  Socio-economic aspects of recycling hazardous wastes in the industrial region

2010 №1 (29)

Bardas A. V.Babets D. V.  Parameters of entropy nature of coal mines under influence on environment and production costs

Skourtos M.Salomatina L.Fortuzzi D.  Economic Prospects for Involvement of Investors to Resolve Economic Problems of Big Seaports at the Western Black Sea of Ukraine

2009 №4 (28)

Skydanenko Y. P.  Methodological approaches to calculation the economic losses in results of natural disasters

Bardas A. V.  Economic limits of expediency of depositing the rocks into waste stowing in mines

Martienko A. I.  Determining an effective form of property in rational management of nature on the basis of the theory of alternative costs

2009 №3 (27)

Gavrylov P. Y.  Improving the economic mechanism of regulation of resource saving on the regional level

Bardas A. V.Babets D. V.  Creation of prognostic model of assessment of influence of nature environment of mine on the economic indexes

Lazareva O. V.  Problems of increasing the efficiency of use of land resources

Sadchenko O. V.  Concepts of ecological marketing

2009 №2 (26)

Bardas A. V.  Environmental Economics and Productive Flows of Coal Mines

2009 №1 (25)

Gavrylov P. E.  Sophistication of environmental management system in regional administration

Bardas A. V.  To the problem of coal mines environmental certification

Varlamova I. S.  Environmental management at metallurgic plants in market economy

2008 №4 (24)

Bardas A. V.Tsabegey N. V.  Ecological Audit As A Precondition For Issuing Ecological Passports For Ukrainian Coal Mines

Varlamova I. S.Prushkivs’ka E. V.  Ecological Management Effectiveness at Metallurgical Plants

2008 №3 (23)

Bardas A. V.Boychenko M. V.  Rational limits for mining of mineral resources on the example of coal

2008 №1-2 (21-22)

Nikolaev Y. O.Nikitko V. I.  The development of ecological and economic management system at national enterprises

Bardas A. V.  Ecological and Economic Consequences of Abandoned Coal Reserves Mining

2007 №4 (20)

Boychenko M. V.  The estimation of the natural environment transformation perspectives as a result of anthropogene influence

2007 №2 (18)

V’yun V. G.Gaydaenko O. M.  Theoretical Aspects of Control over the Recreational Territories’ Development and Creation

Prokopenko V. I.Terekhov E. V.  System Approach Application in Simulation of Economical and Organizational Control Over the Lands of Mining Allotment

2007 №1 (17)

Salli V. I.Lozyns’kyi I. E.  Planning of ecological events in realization production activity at ore dressing enterprises

2006 №4 (16)

Bardas A. V.  Optimization Of Coal Mine’s Resources Utilization Considering The Economic Entropy

2006 №2 (14)

Prokopenko V. I.Kyrychenko O. O.Terkhov Y. V.  Modem components of price forming for re-cultivated lands on the open mines

2006 №1 (13)

Verkhogliadova N. L.Stenicheva I. B.Golovko L. S.  Ecology as a factor of increasing of competitiveness of domestic producer in aspects of small business development

2005 №1 (9)

Drachuk Y. Z.  To the question of choosing of priority problems of innovative development in security and ecology sphere in coal industry

Metlova L. F.  Approaches to reforming of rational management of nature in man-caused overlade regions

2004 №4 (8)

Grons’ka M. V.  Peculiarities of the innovation potential of the strategic management of the land resources

2004 №3 (7)

Nedodayeva N. L.Sholda O. O.Hrygoryuk M. Y.  Forming the mechanism of payments for the environmental contamination in Ukraine

2004 №2 (6)

Rodionov O. V.  Estimating the state of ecological management at woodworking enterprises

2003 №3 (3)

Drachuk Y. Z.  The mechanism of evaluating the efficiency of scientific and technical measures with regard to the ecology in the coal production

2003 №2 (2)

Драчук Ю. З., Нейєнбург В. Є.  Принципові методичні підходи до оцінки ефективності екологічних заходів у вугільному виробництві

2003 №1 (1)

Prokopenko V. I.  Economic efficiency of improving the quality of iron-ore raw materials in mineral dressing