Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University




Issue:2014 №2 (46)
Section:Economic theory
UDK:330.131.7: 368.01
Article language:Ukrainian
Title:Theoretical aspects of the study of economic and insurance risks
Authors:Krafchenko V. O.,
Drachuk Yu. Z.
Annotation:The essence the concept of «economic risk» is considered, the key characteristics of risk situations are outlined. Components of insurance risk are defined and its features are determined. The interpretation of insurance risk and its transformation to a new quality is presented. The basic and additional criteria of the insurance risk are established. The signs of economic and insurance risk are distinguished. 
Keywords:Economic risk, Risky situation, Insurance risk, Characteristics of risk situations, Insurance risk, Criteria of the insurance risk, The probability of the insured event
File of the article:EV20142_021-028.pdf