Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University



Section: Economic theory

2024 №1 (85)

Burykin O. M.  Analysis of forms and types of digital technologies and their impact on modern society in a dynamic market environment

Yaskov Ye. O.  Categorical formulation of the concepts of «investment attractiveness» and «investment climate»

Shulha O. V.  Green intellectual capital and its impact on business models sustainability

Bondarenko L. A.  Crisis re-engineering of business processes as a modern method of ensuring the quality of tourist services

Sichinava A.Dubiei Yu. V.  Structural capital: essence and role in ensuring technical and technological development

Suprunova I. V.  Deshadowing of the labor market as a component for provision of state social security

2023 №4 (84)

Dubiei Yu. V.  Techniques and technology in the system of determinants of the society’s socio-economic development

Shvabiy K. I.Savchenko S. O.  Economic interests, taxation and justice

Horbaniov V. S.  On the issue of categorical formalization of the public good phenomenon

Shulha O. V.  Intellectual capital: essence and ways of using it

Yudenko V. V.Yudenko V. A.  Creative economy: evolution of approaches to the formation of the concept

Fedorova N. E.  Influence of sociocultural institutions on the socioeconomic development of society in the era of post-industrialism

2023 №3 (83)

Shepelenko S. M.  Influence of human development on the formation of intellectual potential of society

Holubka D. S.  Theoretical and methodological fundamentals of studying franchising

Yatsykovskyy B. I.Ivanyshyna H. S.Holubka S. M.  Role of mechanisms regulating the environmental and economic development of mining industry in the formation of innovative environment of national economy

Dereviahin M. V.Prushkivska E. V.  State coordination of aviation industry development in the EU and Ukraine

Hanovskyi V. L.  Nature of the monopoly of information and communication platforms

2023 №2 (82)

Shtefan N. M.Solianyk L. H.Honcharuk A. M.  Methodological approaches to assessing the impact of environmental factors on the efficiency of investments

Nechepurenko M. O.  Social entrepreneurship as a form of social responsibility of small and medium-sized businesses

Pylypenko Yu. I.Shvets A. S.  Human capital: the essence and factors of development

Pylypenko H. M.Lytovka V. A.  Methodological prerequisites for studying the corporate culture of international companies

2023 №1 (81)

Bardas A. V.Kornetskyy A. O.  Evolution of approaches to socially responsible management of enterprises in the context of sustainable development

Spitsyna A. E.  Knowledge economy and economic culture in the formation of skills of transport industry staff

2022 №4 (80)

Shchurov I. V.  System for creating the prerequisites of the energy security of the national economy based on cognitive modeling

Holubka D. S.  Conceptual and terminological apparatus to research franchising in economics

Dzhyhora O. M.  Priorities for the development and formation of the strategy for state regulation of the agricultural land market in Ukraine

2022 №2 (78)

Shvets A. I.  Problems and prospects of the development of Ukraine’s ICT market in the conditions of war

Pylypenko H. M.  Economic and sociological approach to the analysis of market behavior of economic entities

2022 №1 (77)

Krylova O. V.Zamkovyi O. I.Horiacha O. I.  Trends of the latest phase of science and scientific research development in Ukraine

Shvets A. I.  Circular economy as a new model of Ukrainian economy development in the european integration process

Yatsykovskyy B. I.Holubka S. M.  Prospects for development of the mining industry in the conditions of digitalization of the national economy

Chynchyk A. A.  Tax tools with innovative functionality: practice and possibilities of application in Ukraine

Raicheva L. I.  Conceptual statements of structural modernization of economic systems: essence and interpretation

Lytvynenko N. I.Pylypenko H. M.  Microeconomic principles of market concentration research

2021 №4 (76)

Pylypenko Yu. I.Dubiei Yu. V.  Macroeconomic indicators of the level of technical and technological development

Pashkevich M. S.  Issues of managing social, economic and environmental development of regions and risks of spatial depressions

Fedun Yu. B.Golubka D. S.  Features of regulation of national development of franchising

Prushkivska E. V.Dvornik M. O.  Problems of youth employment and unemployment: global and national aspects

Fedorova N. E.  Post-industrialism and its essential characteristics

2021 №3 (75)

Yatsykovskyy B. I.  Modeling of threats for economic safety of the mining industry

Chynchyk A. A.  Interaction and interdependence between effective tax policy and policy of de-shadowing the economy

Myronenko M. A.Korol R. M.  Development of metallurgy in Ukraine in the conditions of globalization challenges in the early 2020s

Lytvynenko N. I.Pylypenko H. M.  Microeconomic analysis for professional training of students of economic specialties

Pylypenko H. M.  Models of contractual behavior in the context of sectoral markets theory

2021 №2 (74)

Lazebnyk L. L.  Discourses of national security

Lytvynenko N. I.  Active learning practice with databases of international organizations

Halanets V. V.Kolodiy A. V.  Role of the state in risk management in the agricultural sphere of economy of Ukraine

Herasymenko T. V.  Transaction costs: essence and dynamics in the ukrainian economy

Grytsyna O. V.Bozhanova O. V.Sholudko O. V.Tofan I. M.Kolodiy A. V.  Pension reform in Ukraine and its prospects

Pylypenko H. M.Miroshnichenko Yu. V.Slipko A. D.  Strategic behavior of companies of the sectoral market of consumer class cars

Savchenko M. V.Shutak I. A.  Trends of transformation and integration processes in the agricultural sector of Ukraine's economy

Niameshchuk H. V.  Competitiveness of the intellectual ecosystem of Ukraine: institutional and regulatory aspect

Shkurenko O. V.  Mechanisms of government institutions influence on effective management of logistics support of innovative cooperation development

2021 №1 (73)

Onysko S. M.Tomashevskyi Yu. M.  Creation of a system of regulation and improvement of the organizational and economic mechanism of functioning of agriculture

Bezkorovaina L. V.Boika O. A.Omelyanchyk S. V.  Rural tourism, biodiversity and sustainable development: complementarity and impact on the well-being of rural population

Ivanov V. V.  Concept of public entrepreneurship in Ukraine

Prushkivskyi V. H.Prushkivska E. V.Lytovka V. A.  Values as the basis of corporate culture

Yatskevych I. V.Krasnostanova N. E.  Digital technologies in business

Chynchyk A. A.  Formation of the tax policy of Ukraine in the context of economic transformation

Karpishchenko O. I.Illyashenko K. V.Illyashenko T. O.  Quality of local development – improving european evaluation experience in Ukraine

Zavazhenko A. O.  Comparative analysis of anti-epidemiological institutional provision of national economies during the covid-19 pandemic

2020 №4 (72)

Dubiei Yu. V.  Dialectics of monopoly and competition in technical and technological renewal of society

2020 №3 (71)

Hrabchuk O. M.  Forecasting the inflation level in Ukraine: the indeterministic point of view

Kindzerskyi Yu. V.  Cybersecurity and becoming of the digital economy: problems of interconnection

Pylypenko H. M.  Institutional changes of the economy in the context of evolution of D. North’s views

2020 №2 (70)

Poliakova O. M.Lipska T. I.Kuchinska O. M.  Public-private partnership as an element of the transport infrastructure development mechanism in Ukraine

Slastyanikova A. I.  Main guidelines for the intellectual business development

Gerashchenko S. A.Chornobaev V. V.  Institutional factors of development of the innovative interpreneurship in Ukraine

Alekseenko D. D.  Institutional factors of increasing the efficiency of local public goods production in Ukraine

Bilotserkivets V. V.Zavhorodnia O. O.Alsufieva O. O.  Innovative revival of the mining and metallurgical complex of Ukraine as the imperative of national competition policy

2020 №1 (69)

Onysko S. M.Lyzak M. P.  Study of economic essence of «profit» category

Tymoshenko L. V.Krylova O. V.  Institutional levers for financing small and medium-sized businesses as a component of development of depressed regions

Diachenko N. I.Cherkavska T. M.  Problem of moral-ethical determinants of distributive justice: socioeconomic consequences

Nuriakhmetov Ye. I.Sliusareva L. V.  Specifics of e-procurement market development in ukraine

Lazebnyk L. L.Voitenko V. O.  The essence, features, and parameters of the digital economy

Storoschuk B. D.  Regularities of transformation of economic power in the conditions of the global crisis

2019 №4 (68)

Blahodatnyi A. S.Muzychenko A. S.  Features of transformation processes in international exchange trade

Yatsykovskyy B. I.Holubka V. M.  Theoretical principles of the mining industry research

Koleschuk O. Ya.  Institutional provision of the innovation development on the basis of «the state – higher education institutions– industry» relationship

Oganezova A. V.  Mechanisms of institutionalizing the social responsibility of employers for preservation of employees’ health in Ukraine

Herashchenko S. O.Chornobayev V. V.  Communication of economic freedom, entrepreneurship and economic development in global economy

Dubey Yu. V.Pylypenko Yu. I.  Innovation-technological component of economic development in the globalization conditions

Nesterenko O. P.  Social justice and liberal tradition: F. von Hayek’s view

Alekseenko D. D.  Institutional environment of local social goods production

2019 №3 (67)

Mastylo A. Ya.  Main areas of improvement of intellectual property market in Ukraine

Moroz S. R.  Strategic priorities of innovative development of health resort industry in Ukraine

Onysko S. M.Tomashevskyi Yu. M.  Improvement of land relations in the agrarian sector of Ukraine

Chynchyk A. A.Golubka S. M.  Current priorities of tax policy in the conditions of modernization of the national economy

Gerasymenko A. H.Nesterets A. A.  Impact of information asymmetry on competition

Baron I. G.  Economic security of the state as a basic complex category of ecosestate

Prushkivska E. V.Buyukyan A. R.  Features of development of high-tech export of Ukrainian enterprises

2019 №2 (66)

Mastylo A. Ya.  Legal and regulatory support for the economic development of intellectual property

Bagmet K. V.  Development of social sector through institutional change

Pruschkivska E. V.Tkachuk A. M.  Substance and structure of the high-tech sector of the national economy

Smiesova V. L.  Institutions and their influence on the process of reproduction of economic relations and interaction

Lazebnik L. L.  Economic interests in the system of mechanisms of the state influence on the economy

Huzenko I. Yu.  Theoretical-methodological pluralism and totalitarian legacy in economic research

2019 №1 (65)

Koleschuk O. Ya.  Models of formation and development of innovative activities: international experience

Khodzaian A. R.  Criteria for determining the structural changes priorities in the economy

Bagmet K. V.  Institutional changes in the social sector of the national economy: external trends and internal contradictions

Grazhevska N. I.  Theoretical and methodological achievements of the new political economy in the research of economic interests and power relations

Pylypenko H. M.Smiesova V. L.  Interaction of economic interests in society: a retrospective analysis of achievements of economic science

Huzenko I. Yu.  Cultural-value aspects of economic globalization

Zadorozhniy G. V.Homin O. V.  Unomics and existentials of economic personality in the light of post-classical economic science

2018 №4 (64)

Khodzhaian A. R.  Structural characteristics of Ukrainian economy development

Kucherenko E. V.  Impact of globalization on consumer’s economic behavior and culture of consumption

Yermoshkina O. V.Goriacha O. I.  Innovative entrepreneurial activity of economic entities: behavioral institutional aspects of activation

Barannik L. B.Cherba V. M.  Social capital development in Ukraine in context of globalization challenges

Shapoval V. M.  Local communities funds as a democratic institution of modern society

Pylypenko H. M.Smiesova V. L.Naumenko N. Yu.  Evaluation of the impact of power-property on implementation of economic interests in Ukraine

Zadorozhnaya O. G.  Postnonclassical economics: format of humanity and integrity of economy

2018 №3 (63)

Masko A. M.  Essence and place of the institution of state power in the economic system

Afendikova S. V.  Transformation of the nature and forms of domestic trade

Cherkavska T. M.Polischyk N. O.  Procedures for diagnostics of social processes on labour market (gender aspect)

Chornobayev V. V.  Problems and prospects for development of enterprise activity in the market of antiques and collectibles

Gerashchenko S. A.Iermoshkina O. V.Kolotylo M. B.Shapoval V. M.  Economic security of Ukraine: analysis and global trends

Kvasha T. K.Rozhkova L. V.  Upcoming trends of innovative development of energy sector in the world and Ukraine

Smiesova V. L.  Power-property and its features in Ukraine

2018 №2 (62)

Ovchar P. A.  Priority directions of development of automotive transport infrastructure in the national economy system

Chornobaev V. V.  Problems of expert estimation of the articles of antiques

Maksymenko I. Ya.  Mergers and acquisitions as innovative development tool: current state and prospects in ukraine

Pilipenko Yu. I.Dubiei Yu. V.  Role of technological factor in the history of economic development research

Pruschkivska E. V.Dereviahin M. V.  Theoretical aspect of inclusive growth and its role in modern conditions

Pylypenko H. M.  Evolution of marxism in the 20th century: Fromm’s humanistic radicalism

Huzenko I. Yu.  Geoeconomical and geopolitical determinants of world economy: classic interpretations in terms of modernity

2018 №1 (61)

Korchynsky I. O.  Agrarian sphere: social-economic and organizationaltechnological construct from the point of view of architectonics

Gunko K. I.  Service function of customs authorities: theoretical analysis of potential

Herashchenko S. A.Kolotilo M. B.  Foreign direct investments in Ukraine in conditions of integration to the world economy

Kovalchuk K. F.Petrova L. V.  Theoretical issues of organizing tax administration

Sarnatskiy O. P.Korchebniy R. S.  Development of economic integration processes in Latin America in 60-s – 80-s of the 20-th century

Fedorova N. E.  Perspectives and directions of using science to ensure the progressive social and economic development in Ukraine

Volosheniuk V. V.Chernobaev V. V.  World experience of use of science and innovations in promoting modern social and economic development

Shynkaruk L. V.Baranovska I. V.Milman L. M.  Investment resources of households as a factor of economy modernization of Ukraine

Prushkovskaya E. V.Yakubovsky S. A.  Economic development and role of science in modern society: theoretical-methodological context

2017 №4 (60)

Mushnykova S. A.Bozhanova H. V.  Systematization of approaches to the definition of the concepts «banking service», «banking transaction », «banking product»

Prushkivskaya O. V.  Export-oriented and import-substitution policy in formation of the consumer market of the national economy in globalization conditions

Shyshkova N. L.Moroz E. Yu.  Electronic money: the essence and problems of use in ukraine

Alekseyenko D. D.  Quantitative aspects of social capital measurement

Zadorozhnaya O. G.Khomin O. V.  Restricted role of socio-genome concept from economic point of view

Guzenko I. Yu.  Institute of state in a globalized world: challenges of economic and scientific-technological development

Pylypenko H. M.Relina I. Ye.  Social justice in the world economy: the eternal conflict between the state and the market

2017 №3 (59)

Ivanyshyna G. S.  Place and role of business entities in assay supervision in ukraine

Relina I. Ye.  Evolution of social policy in european union countries

Guzenko I. Yu.  Features of the scientific and technical policy of the leading countries of the world in globalization conditions

Kucherenko E. V.  Essence of the notion of demonstrative consumption

Alekseenko D. D.  Theory of social capital as a methodological basis for research of the result of institutional reforms

Zadorozhnaya O. G.  Trialectics as a methodology of studying the humane business

2017 №2 (58)

Chernobaev V. V.  Antiques market and characteristics of its functioning

Prushkivskaya E. V.Chernomaz K. G.  Factors of stabilization of agricultural production in the context of globalization

Horbanov V. S.  State financing theory as a methodological basis for investigation of public good production

Kolupaeva I. V.  Estimation of the level of efficiency of public authorities in the implementation of regulatory influence

Lytvynenko N. I.  The problems of creation and management of international reserves: lessons for ukraine

Pylypenko H. M.Fedorova N. E.Kazymyrenko O. V.  Social and economic development of society through the prism of synergetic paradigm

2017 №1 (57)

Ivanyshyna G. S.  Global experience of regulating operations with precious metals

Gerashchenko S. A.  Impact of modern economic policy on investment climate in ukraine

Udachyna K. O.Bandorina L. M.  Conceptual model for determining rational economic behavior of an economic entity

Deeva N. M.  Ways of reforming the social state in the context of management decentralization

Chornobayev V. V.Moroz Yu.  Effect of minimum wage increase on the economy and budget of Ukraine in 2017

Pylypenko H. M.Antonenko M. O.Kogha N. V.  Criteria of life quality evaluation in ukraine

Pitsur Ya. S.Cherchenko O. L.Biloskurskyy R. R.  Sustainable social-economic development: evolution of views and theoretical analysis

Gerasymenko H.Svystilnyk Yu.  Theoretical and methodological analysis of information economy

Zavhorodnia O. O.Alsufieva O. O.  National innovation systems: classification and positioning in the Global Innovation Space

2016 №4 (56)

Pavlyk A. V.  Energy efficiency as an element of energy independence strategy

Shvindina H. O.  Changes of the organizational development priorities and their parametrization

Golubka C. M.Chinchik A. A.  Essence of basic concepts theory of taxation in ukrainian financial and economic science

Boychenko V. M.  Formation of modern financial crisis: factors, conditions and consequences

Barannik L. B.Sharanov R. S.  Unemployment rate as indicator of national security

Lytvynenko N. I.  Results of the influence of institutional factors on socio-economic development

Deeva N. M.  Features of implementing social function of the state

Pylypenko H. M.  Force of state as an indicator of estimating the effectivness of governmental performance of its economic functions

2016 №3 (55)

Gornyak O. V.Saliuk-Kravchenko O. O.  Ways of improving corporate security of entities

Voznyuk O. V.  Optimization of financial management of social security of citizens

Barannik L. B.Cherkavska T. M.  Modernization of social budget of ukraine in the increasing globalization challenges

Kuznetsov O. A.  Social economy in the works of N. D. Kondratieff

Pylypenko Yu. I.Chernobaev V. V.  Long-wave fluctuations as a trend of the world economy's development

Fedorova N. E.Pylypenko H. M.  Theoretical and methodological analysis of development of socio-economic systems in the context of progress

2016 №2 (54)

Bogma O. S.  Energy constituent of economic security of ukraine

Kobzar N. I.Gerashchenko S. A.Kirienko O. N.  Economic security of ukraine: analysis of the state in modern conditions

Chumak O. V.  Problems of national production modernization under the conditions of transitive changes in economy

Chornobayev V. V.  Specific features of antiques market in ukraine

Tkachenko I. D.  Specification and dilution of ownership of subsoil at formation of rent seeking strategy

Horbanov V. S.  On the issue of categorical formalization of the public good phenomenon

Deeva N. M.  Concerns, priorities and perspectives of fiscal policy in the period of local government reformation

2016 №1 (53)

Isaeva N. I.  State system of strategic planning of the republic of kazakhstan

Pilgui S. S.  Impact of global financial crisis on finansial resilience of the banking system of ukraine

Pulariya P. A.  Influence of foreign direct investment on the economic development of Ukraine

Gerashchenko S. A.  Direct foreign investment: modern trends of development in Ukraine

Zakharchenko N. V.Shvetsova A. A.  Mechanism of financing political parties from the state budget: world experience and prospects for Ukraine

Smiesova V. L.  Genesis of economic ideas about economic interests of primary period to the phase of world civilization formation

2015 №4 (52)

Isaeva N. I.  Current improvement of strategic planning in Ukraine

Gubar O. V.  Food industry competitiveness of Ukraine under european integration processes

Shtefan N. N.  European integration of Ukraine: conditions and prospects

Duchynska N. I.  Utility theory: analysis of consumer behavior in terms of risk

Yenalyev M. M.Horlachuk V. V.  Reflection of coalescing and event splitting effect in utility theory

Kuzminov S. V.  Changes in the labour market as a factor of formation of quantitative and qualitative characteristics of educational market demand

Bodrova D. V.  Institutional reforms in the process of becoming the national innovation system

Pylypenko G. M.Lytvynenko N. I.  Institutional factors of socio-economic systems development

Gusyeva O. Yu.Vereskun M. V.  Information and telecommunications industry of Ukraine: economic trends and development opportunities

Zavhorodnia O. O.  Economic-genetic bases of innovative macrodynamics

2015 №3 (51)

Martsenyuk L. V.  Problems and prospects of tourism development in Ukraine

Chernyavskaya T. A.  Strategic directions of development in transport-communication system of Ukraine in the context of national security and sufficincy

Matyuk T. V.  Social nature of educational services and economic policy of the state

Leonidov I. L.  Essence and content of the intellectual product's appropriation

Chornobaev V. V.  Influence of competitive factor in the innovation process on the economic growth

Zavhorodnia O. A.  Functions of innovation and macroeconomic externalities of innovation dynamics

Pilipenko Yu. I.Prushkivska E. V.  Sectoral economic structure in the context of multi-stage social-economic development of society

Burlutska S. V.  Mechanisms of ensuring the socio-economic systems sustainability in the context of their safety

Gerasymenko A. G.  Essence and vectors of economic systems transformation

2015 №2 (50)

Romanenko V. V.  Program-targeted methods for evaluation of state tax policy effectiveness

Gutsalova J.  Financial and economic essence of pension provision in Ukraine

Pilipenko Yu. I.  Innovative elements of the structural reform of national economy of Ukraine

Deeva N. M.  Scientific and methodological framework to provide guided changes in social responsibility of economic agents

Topishko N. P.  Social policy and problems of ensuring the social justice in modern society

Barannik L. B.  Problems of human development and social policy under global processes

Prushkivska E. V.Pereverzieva A. V.  Influence of mentality on the formation of the sectoral structure of the economy

Petrushenko Yu. N.  Participatory model of management and financing in the international programmes of technical assistance as a factor of community’s social capital development

Ksenzova V. E.Ksenzov S. V.  Specific features of belarus mentality

Pylypenko G. N.Lytvynenko N. I.  Ukrainian mentality in G. Hofstede’s research program dimensions

2015 №1 (49)

Shabanov D. I.  Evolution of corporate relations in the national economy of Ukraine

Osadcha N. V.  Influence of customs regulatory regime on the country’s domestic economy

Pizhuk O. I.  Main trends of services sphere development in countries with transforming economies

Alsufieva E. A.  Mechanism of coordination of economic interests of subjects of national economy: levels and tools of coordination

Lytvynenko N. I.  Norms of legal behavior and socio-economic development of the state: cross cultural dimension

Yermoshkina O. V.  Social responsibility of business and financial maintenance of regional development: is there the conflict of interests?

Bilotserkivets V. V.  Evolutional advancement of new economy: from traditional society to industrialism age

2014 №4 (48)

Nikitina O. B.  Formation of precondition of post-industrial development of Ukraine in European choice trend

Shvets V. Ya.  Mechanisms of interaction of subjects of public relations on the basis social responsibility

Shynkaruk L. V.  Structural and social evaluation aspects of proportionality and disproportionality in economy

Bilotserkivets V. V.  New economy in national coordinates: problems and perspectives of development

Zavhorodnia O. O.  Order parameters and efficiency factors of National innovation systems in the context of global competition challenges

Arkhipov O. Yu.Cherkavskaya T. M.Druzenko A. N.  Interconnection of shadow economy and state institutions in globalizing world economy

Lytvynenko N. I.  Tolerance and social-economic growth of a country: cross-cultural study

Pilipenko Y. I.Pilipenko G. M.  Socially responsible business behaviour: the essence and forming conditions in Ukraine

Novikova O. F.Kuzmenko L. M.  Modernization of government system based on social responsibility

Kucherenko E. V.  Interrelation between production and consumption in context of mass consumer society theories

Zadorozhniy G. V.  Human as a measure of science development in the modern world

2014 №3 (47)

Kirijenko O. M.Kobzar N. I.Andrejchykova A. V.  The development of Ukraine’s economy under the influence of global tendencies

Gerashchenko S. A.  Direct foreign investment in Ukraine: problems and perspectives of development in in terms of institutional reforms

Petrunya Y.Oleksiienko R.  «Public choice» in the context of management processes

Erokhin S. A.  General theory of development and structural transformation of national economy

Gornyak O. V.Pilipenko Y. I.  Structural policy of Ukraine under world economy globalization conditions

2014 №2 (46)

Shapoval J. I.  The development bank as an institution of long-term financing of the national economy of Ukraine

Krafchenko V. O.Drachuk Yu. Z.  Theoretical aspects of the study of economic and insurance risks

Nikeienko T. V.  State regulation of fundamental science within the context of innovative development

Zukhba D. S.  Value of innovations and ERP systems development

2014 №1 (45)

Letucha O. V.Letucha A. A.  Ways to overcome the economic crisis in Ukraine

Andreychikova A. M.  The evolution of views on the risk problem in economics

Krupskiy O. P.  Organizational culture: nature, types, peculiarities of implementation in Ukraine

Prushkivska O. V.Balastrik L. O.  The impact of incomes on the formation of the domestic consumer market in the post-crisis period

Yakovenko L. I.  Modernization of higher education – the socio-economic context

Zukhba O. M.  Institutional regulation of pension transfers: international experience and challenges for Ukraine

2013 №4 (44)

Matyuk T. V.  Education as social economic development factor: numeric and qualitative features

Pilipenko G. M.  Methodological potential of modern economics in the research of economic entities coordination

2013 №3 (43)

Limonova S. M.  Investment activity of TNCs in Ukraine: problems and perspectives

Shevchenko Yu. O.  The main trends in national service sector development in conditions of global economic instability

Khodzhayan A. O.  Macroeconomics stability in the system of competitive development of economy

Taranenko I. V.  Improvement of export pattern as a factor of country’s competitiveness increase

Luste O. O.  Psychological determinants of the effect social-economic transformations

Matyuk T. V.  Role of education in economic development of society

Pilipenko G. M.  Community culture as a factor of economical development

2013 №2 (42)

Riabtseva N.Alsufieva O.  About mechanism of economic interest reconciliation in innovative macroeconomic system

Voloshenyuk V.Chernobaiev V.  Peculiarities of venture capital regulation in Ukraine

Chekushina Y.  Peculiarities of intellectual labor market mechanisms

Leonidov I.  Basics of intellectual product appropriation research methodology

Bilotserkivets W.  Market of new economy production: transformation curves of demand and supply

Zavhorodnia O.  Motivational basics of the innovation dynamic

Pilipenko Y.  Determinants of innovative economic development of Ukraine

Prushkivska E.  Role of architectonics laws in formation of sector structure of Economy

Lytvynenko N.  Economic freedom and socio-economic development of the state

Kolesnikov D. V.  Essence of synergy and classification of its types in the vertically-integrated structure investigation

2013 №1 (41)

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