Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University



Issue:2016 №2 (54)
Section:Economics of enterprise
UDK:[338.45.01+658.27]: 622.271
Article language:Ukrainian
Title:Renewal of fixed assets of mining enterprises: strategy, finance, project approach
Authors:Shapoval V. A., Horpynych O. V.
Annotation:The article deals with the renewal of fixed assets, in particular: identification of sources of financing for relevant measures; subordination of fixed assets to the content and effectiveness of the business project; feasibility of forming the strategic projects of fixed assets management. The general trends of the renewal of fixed capital by the companies are analyzed. The factors of using IPO as a way to attract capital investment by the mining enterprises are identified. Fixed assets management is regarded as a project that allows alternative ways of their using. 
Keywords:Fixed assets, Renewal of fixed assets, Sources of financing, Strategy, Project, IPO
File of the article:EV20162_082-090.pdf