Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University



Issue: 2016 №2 (54)


Deeva N. M.  Concerns, priorities and perspectives of fiscal policy in the period of local government reformation

Horbanov V. S.  On the issue of categorical formalization of the public good phenomenon

Tkachenko I. D.  Specification and dilution of ownership of subsoil at formation of rent seeking strategy

Chornobayev V. V.  Specific features of antiques market in ukraine

Chumak O. V.  Problems of national production modernization under the conditions of transitive changes in economy

Kobzar N. I.Gerashchenko S. A.Kirienko O. N.  Economic security of ukraine: analysis of the state in modern conditions

Bogma O. S.  Energy constituent of economic security of ukraine

Popov A. S.  Establishment of the paradigm of the agricultural land consolidation in ukraine

Kusakova Yu. A.Samilo A. S.  Improvement of the stimulation mechanism for the development of services in the national economy in globalization


Shapoval V. M.Herasymenko T. V.  Expansion of sources of financing socio-economic development of enterprise

Shapoval V. A.Horpynych O. V.  Renewal of fixed assets of mining enterprises: strategy, finance, project approach

Korzh N. V.  Resource evaluation approach to enterprise corporate capital

Hevko B. R.  Organizational and economic mechanism of energy saving at the enterprise, its essence and conceptual model

Kirilenko A. M.  Strategic positioning in low-traffic segments of the railway system


Reshetilova T. B.Kuvaieva T. V.  Interaction of mining engineering enterprises in supply channels

Zaloznova Yu. S.Trushkina N. V.  Forecasting sales performance figures at a coal mining enterprise

Al-Ghazou A.  Assessment of marketing attractivness of the middle east countries for ukrainian enterprises foreign economic activity


Tryfonova O. V.Lytvynenko N. I.  Influence of institutional environment on the formation of a national model management

Shapoval V. A.Bondarenko L. A.  Development of management principles for creating the innovative model of domestically produced dump trucks


Vagonova A. G.Volotkovska Yu. O.  Economic-mathematical model of optimizing mineral extraction from spoil bank rocks

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