Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University




Issue:2019 №1 (65)
Section:Economic theory
UDK:330.161: 330.33
Article language:Ukrainian
Title:Interaction of economic interests in society: a retrospective analysis of achievements of economic science
Authors:Pylypenko H. M., NTU «Dnipro Polytechnic»,
Smiesova V. L., Ukrainian State University of Chemical Technology
Annotation:The article is devoted to the identification of theoretical and methodological problems that occur while studying the harmonization of economic interests. On the basis of the analysis of the evolution of the views of scholars of the past and present on the interaction of economic interests insociety, the existence of a wide amalgam of thoughts, ideas and conceptual approaches that were introduced in this field by representatives of different directions of economic science has been established. In the course of the study, four basic logic-theoretical lines were identified, which were formed in the process of scientific search for conditions and mechanism of harmonization of economic interests. The first line is the formation of ideas about the existence of interconnection and interdependence of economic interests, which posed the problem of finding a mechanism for their coordination. The second line is the question of creating such a mechanism. In this direction, the approaches are either emphasized according to which the interests are considered to be harmonized by the action of objective economic laws and directly through the market mechanism of self-regulation, or else the impossibility of harmonization in the automatic mode is pointed out. Psychological features of people, their moral imperfection, tendency to affective and illogical actions can not be regulated by the market. In order to solve this problem, an external force is involved, which, according to various researchers, acts as a moral, state, law, socio-cultural institutions. The third line is a solution of the question about the state's ability to effectively influence the harmonization of interests. In this regard, scientists have quite different positions - from confidence in the effectiveness of state influence on the conditions of realization of economic interests to the detection of «failures» of the state. The fourth line is intuitive ideas of scholars about the reproduction of economic interests, which is manifested in the constant repetition of the situation of income and product movement, which occurs in society under the pressure of the desire for the welfare of each social class. The practical importance of the idea of existence of reproduction of economic interests is shown, which allows to establish the conditionality of realization of interests by objective social factors. 
Keywords:Economic interests, Interaction of economic interests, Harmonization of economic interests, Reproduction of economic interests, Theoretical concepts of harmonization of economic interests
File of the article:EV20191_037-052.pdf
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