Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University




Issue:2019 №3 (67)
Section:Economic theory
Article language:Ukrainian
Title:Improvement of land relations in the agrarian sector of Ukraine
Authors:Onysko S. M., Lviv National Agrarian University,
Tomashevskyi Yu. M., Lviv National Agrarian University
Annotation:One of the basic factors that determine the strategy of development of the agricultural production system is land relations. They reflect the relationship between individuals, legal entities, government bodies over the ownership, use, disposal and management of land as a means of production in agriculture. Improving this relationship is the essence of land reform. The realization of the right of donation, inheritance, exchange of land allotments, which is currently carried out mainly in the form of movement of land certificates, multiple cases of their sale – all this marks the beginning of the formation of a real market for agricultural land. At the same time, adequate conditions have not yet been created for the market redistribution of agricultural land between owners to be environmentally sound and to be economically feasible. Mortgage lending to agricultural producers should be an integral part of market-type land relations. The function of mortgage lending should be performed by the land bank, which with branches all over the country will become the basis of the infrastructure of the land market. In addition to the financial-credit bank, it will also perform the land-accounting function, carry out trading of securities, leasing operations, commercial transactions with land. The system of credit securing agricultural land requires careful long-term preparation and can be implemented initially in the form of an experiment in individual regions, where the necessary socio-economic conditions exist. Before implementing agricultural land market development programs, including land mortgages as an element of this market, it is necessary to carry out thorough research on the mechanism of formation of market prices for land, the projected level of prices for land of different types, trends of their change as market institutions develop. As the price of land as a commodity must take into account, the potential profit from its use, the objective of determining the market price for agricultural land requires overcoming the disparity of prices for agricultural and industrial products. 
Keywords:Land relations, Land shares, Land certificates, Mortgage lending, Land bank, Land market
File of the article:EV20193_042-051.pdf
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