Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University



Issue: 2019 №3 (67)


Prushkivska E. V.Buyukyan A. R.  Features of development of high-tech export of Ukrainian enterprises

Baron I. G.  Economic security of the state as a basic complex category of ecosestate

Gerasymenko A. H.Nesterets A. A.  Impact of information asymmetry on competition

Chynchyk A. A.Golubka S. M.  Current priorities of tax policy in the conditions of modernization of the national economy

Onysko S. M.Tomashevskyi Yu. M.  Improvement of land relations in the agrarian sector of Ukraine

Moroz S. R.  Strategic priorities of innovative development of health resort industry in Ukraine

Mastylo A. Ya.  Main areas of improvement of intellectual property market in Ukraine


Yermoshkina O. V.  Managing financial flows of enterprises on the basis of capital structure predicting

Solianyk L. G.  Institutional mechanism of innovative development of Ukraine in the context of global challenges

Agres O. H.Tymkiv I. M.  Economic essence of cooperation with banks and insurance companies

Prykhodchenko O. Y.Prykhodchenko S. D.  Information supply and methodological approaches to analysis of non-state pension funds

Tofan I. M.Syniavska L. V.  Wage taxation: poland experience and prospects for Ukraine


Koleshchuk O. Ya.  Croudfunding as a strategic instrument of institutional modernization of financial security of enterprise innovation management process

Protsenko A. V.  Theoretical and empirical basis for the study of management of structural transformations of enterprise innovative potential

Yurchyshina L. I.Tarasenko V. A.  Increasing of competitiveness of enterprises in the context of their strategic development

Shyshkova N. L.  Prospects for it-modernization of accounting: actualization of theory and practice

Pashkevych M. S.Usatenko O. V.  Development of reporting as an element of accounting and analytical support in asset management companies

Makurin A. A.  Improvement of the document traffic system in the coal enterprise

Protsenko V. M.  Formation of economic behavior of an enterprise under the influence of internal and external risk environment

Mushnikova S. A.  Methodology of scientific knowledge: objective necessity of research of development safety of an enterprise as an economic system


Dudnyk A. V.  Organizational principles of public administration policy of sustainable development of the industrial and urbanized systems

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