Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University




Issue:2020 №2 (70)
Section:Economic theory
Article language:Ukrainian
Title:Institutional factors of development of the innovative interpreneurship in Ukraine
Authors:Gerashchenko S. A., Dnipro University of Technology,
Chornobaev V. V., Dnipro University of Technology
Annotation:Methods. The results are obtained through the use of the following methods: systems approach – in order to analyze the state of innovation activity and processes in the national economy; quantitative and qualitative analysis – to substantiate the specifics of innovation ecosystem development in Ukraine; factor analysis – in order to identify influential factors of motivation of innovative entrepreneurship. Results. The problems facing the domestic economic science that need an immediate solution on the way to creating an effective mechanism of the development of innovative entrepreneurship have been identified. The main problem accepted is the lack of a strategic vision and a consistent state policy aimed both at intensification of the innovative path of development of domestic enterprises and the formation of a national innovation system in Ukraine. The dynamics of the main indicators that characterize innovative activity in Ukraine is analyzed, which confirm the presence of negative trends in the innovation sphere. It is established that there is no spread and development of innovative entrepreneurship among small and medium-sized businesses in the economic system of Ukraine. This is indicated by a whole set of reasons of an objective nature, the main of which is the lack of an effective mechanism of motivation of domestic entrepreneurs to invest according to innovative principles. It was found that even despite the fact of presence of certain elements of innovation infrastructure in the country there is no integrated national innovation system, the main purpose of which is to create innovative products (processes) and their rapid introduction to the market (implementation). This indicates both the lack of real reforms and the priority of the innovative path of development of the state. The reasons that motivate entrepreneurs to introduce innovations into their activities, the main of which is the desire of entrepreneurs to maximize profits, as well as those related to the psychological characteristics of the innovative entrepreneur: the desire for self-affirmation, the will to win, the focus on struggling and proving their superiority over competitors. Novelty. The approaches to the regulation of innovative activity in Ukraine are improved on the basis of the existence of motivational and general economic targets for introducing innovations in entrepreneurship. Practical value. The approach proposed in the study helps to accelerate the country's transition to an innovative type of management through minimization of government regulation of the sphere of innovative entrepreneurship, which will enable increasing the motivation of entrepreneurs to introduce innovations into their activities. 
Keywords:Innovations, Innovative entrepreneurship, National innovative ecosystem, Innovative activity
File of the article:EV20202_030-036.pdf
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