Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University



Issue: 2020 №2 (70)


Bilotserkivets V. V.Zavhorodnia O. O.Alsufieva O. O.  Innovative revival of the mining and metallurgical complex of Ukraine as the imperative of national competition policy

Alekseenko D. D.  Institutional factors of increasing the efficiency of local public goods production in Ukraine

Gerashchenko S. A.Chornobaev V. V.  Institutional factors of development of the innovative interpreneurship in Ukraine

Slastyanikova A. I.  Main guidelines for the intellectual business development

Poliakova O. M.Lipska T. I.Kuchinska O. M.  Public-private partnership as an element of the transport infrastructure development mechanism in Ukraine


Stukalo N. V.Lytvyn M. V.  Perspective scenarios for achieving sustainable development in the context of global threats

Bozhanova E. V.Petrova L. V.  Reform of personal income tax: modern condition and prospects

Shyshkov S. E.Shyshkova N. L.  Prospects of audit activity on the capital market of Ukraine

Prykhodchenko O. Yu.  Pension system and methods of its assessment

Trigubchenko A. V.  Features of macro-economic indicators of overbuying and reselling of the stock market


Listrova O. S.Matviienko O. O.Solomyna T. V.  Innovative marketing tools of the hotel industry


Protsenko V. M.  Conceptual-behavioral bases of intensification of industrial railway transport enterprises under conditions of neoindustrial modernization on the basis of re-engineering

Arefieva O. V.Vovk O. M.Posypaiko Ye. A.  Intensification of material and technical support formation of an enterprise in the conditions of neoindustrial modernization

Prokhorova V. V.Bozhanova E. V.  Strategically-oriented directions of innovative development of industrial enterprises

Mushnikova S. A.  Forecasting the level of safety of development of metallurgical enterprises on the basis of qualimetric model: scientific and practical aspect

Chobitok V. I.  Conceptual bases for intellectualization of cholistic development management of industrial enterprises of railway transport engineering

Kononenko Ya. V.  Experience of providing quality standards in investment projects under uncertainty

Obydiennova T. S.Dudnieva Yu. E.Vasylieva M. O.  Project team management in modern conditions

Tyagnyryadno O. M.  Stock exchange instruments in risk management of agricultural manufacturers

Lazebnik L. L.Stefanyuk V. M.  Ensuring entrepreneurship profit in conditions of increasing competition at the example of «Kernel» company

Ziz D. O.  Main trends and prerequisites for the development of machine building enterprises


Dudnyk A. V.  Principles of ensuring environmental safety of industrial and urban agglomerations in the context of their sustainable development

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