Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University




Issue:2020 №2 (70)
UDK:339.138: 64
Article language:Ukrainian
Title:Innovative marketing tools of the hotel industry
Authors:Listrova O. S., National Aerospace University named after M. Ye. Zhukovsky «Kharkiv Aviation Institute»,
Matviienko O. O., National Aerospace University named after M. Ye. Zhukovsky «Kharkiv Aviation Institute»,
Solomyna T. V., National Aerospace University named after M. Ye. Zhukovsky «Kharkiv Aviation Institute»
Annotation:Methods. The scientific tools selected for the research include the abstraction method when determining the essence of the category of «innovative marketing»; systems analysis, retrospective analysis, standard methods of marketing research when analyzing the practice of hotel industry innovative marketing; critical analysis methods for rethinking the elements of the hospitality marketing complex. Results. The article is devoted to the study of innovative marketing tools and their usage in the hotel industry. The relevance and importance of creating an innovative hotel marketing mix with a focus on the use of sensory marketing has been proven. One of the elements of the hotel’s marketing mix, «material evidence of services» is considered. When considering the innovative complex of hotel marketing, positive experience is summarized, and practical examples of the best world hotels are systematized. Conclusions are made on the basis of the analysis of the practice of applying innovative solutions to influence the senses of customers to create a «physical evidence of services» in the current conditions of permanent competition growth in the hotel business market, modernization and the emergence of new consumer trends, fast dynamics and perturbation of customer requests and preferences. Novelty. The practical innovative marketing tools of hotel business management are offered based on sensory marketing tools according to sensory sphere of a person. The article presents the approach of «seven sensual notes of hospitality», such as «sight», «hearing», «smell», «taste», «touch», «intuition», «impression» in order to create a «physical evidence of services». Practical value. This systematic set of tools for the practical application of sensory marketing allow hotel businesses to be competitive and to increase the income of their activities. The results of the studying have practical value for hotel marketing professionals who are working on creating a diverse marketing complex that could reach various types of customers with different preferences and priorities. 
Keywords:Hospitality industry, Hotel business, Innovative complex of hotel marketing, Physical evidence of services, «sensual notes of hospitality», Sensory marketing, Aromatherapy, Boutique hotel, Customer experience marketing, Augmented reality marketing
File of the article:EV20202_105-114.pdf
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