Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University



Section: Marketing

2023 №4 (84)

Mshvidobadze T. I.Osadze L. T.Sosanidze M. O.  Adapting digital marketing to artificial intelligence

Kasian S. Ya.Zozula K. Ye.Buniak V. B.  Analysis of KFC company marketing activities: aspects of sustainable development

Trehub M. V.Kuvaieva T. V.Pilova K. P.Chursina Ya. V.  Consumer behavior on the market of educational services: features of choosing a specialism and a higher educational institution

2023 №3 (83)

Mshvidobadze T. I.  Business models and opportunities of artifical intelligence

2023 №2 (82)

Kasian S. Ya.Shapoval D. Ye.Mykhailyshyn R. V.  Marketing communications, sustainable development during the promotion of home appliances in online stores under wartime conditions

2022 №4 (80)

Polous O. V.Baraniuk A. Yu.  Management of environmental marketing as a factor increasing the competitiveness of engineering services

Shkurenko O. V.Korniyko Ya. R.  Marketing tools for strategic development of transport and logistics enterprises in the era of digitalization

2022 №3 (79)

Kononov A. I.  Formation of complex value of an enterprise on the basis of digital marketing: international experience

Bezuhla L. S.Shynkarenko N. V.Kuvaieva T. V.  Current trends in the development of the services market in Ukraine

Alyoshina T. V.Kozenkov D. E.Salo M. D.  Content marketing as a modern element of a company's marketing strategy

Kasian S. Ya.Pilova K. P.Makukha Yu. M.  International planning of marketing strategic activities of the company: information technologies of brand promotion

2022 №2 (78)

Kuvaieva T. V.Zakharchenko Yu. V.  Impact of the marketing 4.0 concept on the functioning of the competitive electricity market of Ukraine

2022 №1 (77)

Zatsarynin S. A.  Simulation of consumer behavior in the market of medical products

Smilianets V. V.  Theoretical fundamentals of innovation potential management in the conditions of using the marketing paradigm

2021 №4 (76)

Savchenko M. E.  Theoretical and methodological fundamentals of brand management of regions

Pidlisna O. A.Vybornov A. O.  Analysis of trends in the use of advertising in social networks

Kasian S. Ya.Zub O. O.  Marketing pricing for products of the citrus store chain in the ukrainian high-tech electronics market

2021 №3 (75)

Sapiński A.Shynkarenko N. V.Pilova K. P.  Marketing in creating strategic advantages on the services market

Bezuhla L. S.  Popularization of ukrainian ecotourism in international markets

2021 №2 (74)

Kasian S. Ya.  Energy saving behavior in the marketing of startup projects and marketing activities of world high-tech enterprises

2020 №2 (70)

Listrova O. S.Matviienko O. O.Solomyna T. V.  Innovative marketing tools of the hotel industry

2020 №1 (69)

Yatsentyuk S. V.  Influence of the brand attributes on the formation of its target image under new market and technological conditions

Kuvaieva T. V.  Criteria model for evaluating the partnership effectiveness for the industrial enterprise

2019 №2 (66)

Yatsentyuk S. V.  Marketing branding strategies in the education market: aspects of competitiveness

2018 №2 (62)

Reshetilova T. B.Kuvaieva T. V.  Partnership marketing of industrial enterprises

2016 №2 (54)

Al-Ghazou A.  Assessment of marketing attractivness of the middle east countries for ukrainian enterprises foreign economic activity

Zaloznova Yu. S.Trushkina N. V.  Forecasting sales performance figures at a coal mining enterprise

Reshetilova T. B.Kuvaieva T. V.  Interaction of mining engineering enterprises in supply channels

2014 №4 (48)

Pilipenko G. M.  Innovation and market power: a study of interrelation on the telecommunication service market

2014 №1 (45)

Reshetilova T. B.Nikolaeva V. K.  Formation of marketing communications of industrial enterprises to advance innovation goods on the basis of consumer demand individualization

2013 №4 (44)

Litovkina O. O.  Marketing strategy of consumer satisfaction monitoring on the base of NPS index (Net Promoter Score)

Romanova A. A.  Application of marketing information system in the process of destination branding strategic plan development

Nikolaeva V. K.  Determination of demand in innovation product as a stage in the consumer choice research

2012 №4 (40)

Yatsentyuk S. V.  Creation of industrial brands: modern approaches

2012 №3 (39)

Kolodiy G. S.  Structure of the marketing program of innovative product of the engineering company

Khimyak N. J.  Development of the methodology for calculating the estimated transfer pricing as a tool for planning the management result of banks' activity

2012 №2 (38)

Fayvishenko D. S.  Consumer potential as a factor of marketing formation of innovative potential

2012 №1 (37)

Gaydukovych D. S.  Marketing analysis of the competitive ability of the banks of Ukraine

Yatsentyuk S. V.  Creating the effective brand architecture of the enterprise: international experience and Ukrainian practice

2011 №4 (36)

Rybintsev V. O.Strizhkova Y. V.  Vertical marketing structures in the infrastructure of an industrial enterprise

2011 №3 (35)

Rulinskaya O. V.  Perfection of method of marketing strategic planning in insurance companies

2011 №1 (33)

Bay O. A.  Managing the supplies of an enterprise on the basis of simulation of its functioning in the open system

Romanenko O. O.  Management model for complex of marketing communications of enterprises

2010 №4 (32)

Lytovchenko I. L.  Typification of Internet-environment in Ukraine for the marketing activity of the industrial enterprises

Palekhova L. L.  Content and tasks of marketing in planning the sustainable development of an industrial region

2010 №2 (30)

Romanenko O. O.  Marketing communications and its connection with marketing activity of an enterprise

2010 №1 (29)

Romanenko O. O.  Essence and process of creation of integrated marketing communications

2009 №4 (28)

Metelenko N. G.Khatser M. V.  Advertising market of Ukraine: trends and perspectives of development

2009 №3 (27)

Dergal A. V.Golyns’ka O. C.  Marketing activity of commercial banks

2009 №2 (26)

Radchenko V. P.  Marketing Influence on Development the Human Capital in Agricultural Economy

2008 №1-2 (21-22)

Sichko S. M.  Brand as the modern business tool

2007 №4 (20)

Salogubova V. M.  Marketing Risk Estimation for Higher Schools in regional labour markets

Mironishina O. V.  Marketing development of pharmaucetical firms’ innovation potential

Komissarov V. F.Komissarov V. V.  The estimation of export oriented enterprise’s reliability of marketing strategy

2007 №3 (19)

Sichko S. M.  Brand as a Tool of Modern Business

2006 №3 (15)

Bakhanova M. V.  Peculiarities of use of marketing complex and its concepts in banking

2006 №2 (14)

Sydych O. V.  Strategic marketing management of innovative potential of an enterprise

2005 №3 (11)

Okhten’ O. O.  Analysis of approaches to the competitiveness management

2005 №2 (10)

Kravchenko V. M.  Methods of regulation and evaluation of co­ operation of enterprises in supplement chain

2005 №1 (9)

Yatsentiuk S. V.  Innovative brand-management as an effective tool of strategic management of changes on enterprises of region

Iwankiewicz-Rak B.  Non governmental organizations in Poland as a result of economy transition

2004 №3 (7)

Bersutska O. A.  Modeling the communication processes in marketing

Savchuk V. P.Budayeva O. V.  Evaluating the efficiency of marketing programs under uncertainty

2004 №1 (5)

Dainovsky Y. A.Glinenko L. K.  A consumer potential as a factor of marketing formation of the innovative potential

2003 №4 (4)

Yevdokymov F. I.Pysmenniy O. A.  Evaluating the efficiency of the warranty period of products

2003 №2 (2)

Метеленко Н. Г.  Планування закупівель в рамках реалізації концепції економічного управління підприємством