Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University




Issue:2020 №4 (72)
Section:Economic theory
Article language:Ukrainian
Title:Dialectics of monopoly and competition in technical and technological renewal of society
Author:Dubiei Yu. V., Dnipro University of Technology
Annotation:Methods. In the research, the following methods were used: analysis and synthesis – to clarify the relationship between technical and technological development and the dominant type of market structure; logical-historical analysis – to identify theoretical and methodological approaches to study the dialectics of monopoly and competition; method of general and specific – in determining the specifics of the views of T. Veblen, J. Schumpeter and J. K. Galbraith on the main subjects of technical and technological development of society. Results. The article analyzes the relationship between the technical and technological development of society and the dominant type of market structure. Based on the study of theoretical and methodological approaches implemented in the works of such representatives of institutional theory as T. Veblen, J. Schumpeter and J. K. Galbraith, there have been determined the stages of evolution of the organizational and legal system of business structures – the leaders of scientific and technological progress. The incompatibility of perfect competition with the motivation of firms to implement innovations has been demonstrated. The forms of realization of the market power which promote innovative activity of firms are characterized. The evolution of the organization of the main subjects of technical and technological development is traced, and its following stages are singled out: free enterprise, large enterprise with market power, mature corporation, transnational corporation. Novelty. The contradictory nature of the relationship between technical and technological development and monopoly has been established, which, on the one hand, contributes to technical progress and, on the other hand, inhibits it. It is shown that it took place at the stage of dominance of competition, which unfolded between producers for the best conditions for doing business and the most profitable areas of capital investment. It has been found that in modern conditions, when competition itself has changed and is not driven by manufacturers, but by the product they supply to the market, multinational companies promote the production of innovations and introduce them into production. Practical value. The results of the study have theoretical and practical value, as they allow taking into account the new role of corporations in the technical and technological development of society and predicting the innovative dynamics of the national and world economy. 
Keywords:Technical and technological development, Innovative firm, Entrepreneur-innovator, Large-scale production, Mature corporation, Transnational corporation
File of the article:EV20204_009-017.pdf
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