Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University



Issue: 2020 №4 (72)


Dubiei Yu. V.  Dialectics of monopoly and competition in technical and technological renewal of society


Lytvynenko N. I.  Evaluation of asymmetry of indicators in international trade: a case study for Ukraine

Prushkivska E. V.Avramenko K. O.  Innovative strategies for development of international companies in the conditions of globalization

Grytsyshen D. O.  International cooperation in the field of prevention and combating economic crime: public administration aspect

Orlov I. V.Ksendzuk V. V.  Components of foreign economic policy of Ukraine: prospective vectors of development in the field of public governance


Shyshkova N. L.Shevchenko O.  Harmonization of the accounting of capital investments of an enterprise


Pshinko O. M.Charkina T. Yu.Orlovskaya O. V.Carra A. O.  Anti-crisis management of passenger transport as a factor of increasing railway competitiveness

Tymoshenko L. V.Us S. A.  Cognitive modeling of management of entrepreneurial structure as an ecological and economic system

Bukreieva D. S.  Integral system of indicators for evaluating the effectiveness of an innovative project at the implementation stage

Krynychko L. R.Krinichko F. R.Petrik S. M.  Stages of formation and implementation of public-private partnership projects in the field of healthcare

Pryimak N. S.Nikolaichuk O. A.Olinichenko I. V.  Development of enterprises of hotel and restaurant business in Dnepropetrovsk oblast and directions of effective organization of hotel facilities in the region

Trishyn F. A.Krupitsa I. V.Bairachna O. K.Shvediuk K. H.  Analysis of the attractiveness of gastronomy tourism in Ukraine and odessa region


Tryfonova O. V.Baranets H. V.  On business cycle of industrial enterprises

Prokhorova V. V.Zalutska H. Ya.  Cross-functional business processes at an enterprise as the basis of management innovation system in terms of strategic development

Arefieva O. V.Poberezhna Z. M.  Organizational and economic support of anti-crisis management of business processes in the implementation of reengineering activities

Khaustova V. E.Mushnikova S. A.  Diversification and integration: the dominant role in enterprise development in the neotechnological environment

Rohanova H. A.Shirinyan L. V.  Assessing the efficiency of cash flow management at food industry enterprises by using the discriminant function

Derigin O. D.  Specificity of influence of macroeconomic factors on regulation of innovative activity of medium-sized enterprises in Ukraine

Karlova O. A.Sekirozh Ya. V.  Conceptual approach to the formation of innovative support for sustainable development of machine-building enterprises

Yukhman Ya. V.  Adaptive-oriented system of management of industrial enterprises on the basis of innovation: scientific and practical aspects of developing the mechanism of its formation

Kovalchuk A. M.  Management aspects of estimating the economic security of the enterprise in the conditions of the transformation economy

Vagonova O. H.Bekleshow D. O.  Justification of rational conditions for investing entrepreneurial activities of a machine-building enterprise

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