Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University




Issue:2021 №2 (74)
Section:Economic theory
Article language:Ukrainian
Title:Trends of transformation and integration processes in the agricultural sector of Ukraine's economy
Authors:Savchenko M. V., Vasyl Stus Donetsk National University,
Shutak I. A., Vinnytsia District Council
Annotation:Methods. The results of the study were obtained through the use of the following methods: abstraction – in clarifying the list of factors influencing the development of the agricultural sector of the economy. The use of methods of statistical and trend analysis allowed identifying the trends and factors in the formation of patterns of development of the agricultural sector of the economy, and identifying conditions for the implementation of transformational and integration imperatives in domestic enterprises of the agricultural sector. Methods of graphical analysis allowed to visually reflect the results of the study. Results. The authors of the article analyze the current state of the agricultural sector of the Ukrainian economy. The state and tendencies of functioning and preconditions of development of enterprises of agrarian sector of economy in 2014–2020 are investigated. The analysis of volumes of GDP of agriculture, forestry and fishery, export and import of agrarian production, the sum of budgetary expenses for development and support of agrarian sector of economy. The place and role of the agricultural sector of the economy in GDP, total exports of the country are determined. The main tendencies of the state support of the enterprises of agrarian sector by the state are shown. Novelty. The main problems of the agricultural sector are characterized, its place in the country's economy is determined, which determines the impact on enterprises in modern economic conditions. Positive and negative factors of influence of the state and modern conditions of economic condition on the agrarian sector of economy of Ukraine are considered. Trends in the development of the agricultural sector are identified and problems that slow down the effectiveness of transformation and integration processes are specified. Practical value. It is possible to apply the developed and submitted proposals for the formation of current trends in the agricultural sector of the economy in general, and enterprises in particular, in order to increase the efficiency of their management, increase profitability and ensure the competitiveness of agricultural products. The obtained conclusions and results of the research, as well as the provided methodological recommendations will contribute to the effective functioning of enterprises of the agricultural sector of the economy and the preservation of Ukraine's leading position in world markets. 
Keywords:Branch, Agrarian sector, Enterprise, Modern tendencies, Preconditions of development, Export, Import, Coefficient of coverage of import by export, State support, Agribusiness, Export orientation
File of the article:EV20212_036-043.pdf
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