Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University



Issue: 2021 №2 (74)


Shkurenko O. V.  Mechanisms of government institutions influence on effective management of logistics support of innovative cooperation development

Niameshchuk H. V.  Competitiveness of the intellectual ecosystem of Ukraine: institutional and regulatory aspect

Savchenko M. V.Shutak I. A.  Trends of transformation and integration processes in the agricultural sector of Ukraine's economy

Pylypenko H. M.Miroshnichenko Yu. V.Slipko A. D.  Strategic behavior of companies of the sectoral market of consumer class cars

Grytsyna O. V.Bozhanova O. V.Sholudko O. V.Tofan I. M.Kolodiy A. V.  Pension reform in Ukraine and its prospects

Herasymenko T. V.  Transaction costs: essence and dynamics in the ukrainian economy

Halanets V. V.Kolodiy A. V.  Role of the state in risk management in the agricultural sphere of economy of Ukraine

Lytvynenko N. I.  Active learning practice with databases of international organizations

Lazebnyk L. L.  Discourses of national security


Antoniuk K. I.Antoniuk D. A.Mokiy A. I.  Institutional providing of consumption safety in the markets of EU member states

Kozytska H. V.  Development of international electronic trade in the conditions of digitalization of the economy

Prokhorova V. V.Mnykh O. B.Huzenko I. Yu.  Human capital of enterprise in the global space of knowledge economy

Dubey Yu.  Factors of technical and technological inequality in the conditions of global imbalances


Arefieva O. V.Arefiev S. O.  Leadership potential in strategic management of business adaptivity

Terekhov Ye. V.Shapoval V. A.Litvinov Yu. I.  Resource management of industrial regions


Kasian S. Ya.  Energy saving behavior in the marketing of startup projects and marketing activities of world high-tech enterprises


Poberezhna Z. M.  Formation of key components of ensuring competitiveness of the business model of aviation enterprises

Tytykalo V. S.  Components of the economic potential of machine building enterprises of variable and adaptive economic interests

Kovalchuk A. M.Kopcha Yu. Yu.  Current prerequisites for the development of engineering companies in the realities of the neo-industrial society

Popov S. O.Romanenko O. V.Kolosovsky D. V.Kovnytska I. V.Mogil A. K.  Computer modeling of the process of breaking down iron ores to determine the optimal parameters of drilling and blasting operations according to the criteria of their economic efficiency

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