Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University




Issue:2021 №2 (74)
Section:Economic theory
Article language:Ukrainian
Title:Strategic behavior of companies of the sectoral market of consumer class cars
Authors:Pylypenko H. M., Dnipro University of Technology,
Miroshnichenko Yu. V., Dnipro University of Technology,
Slipko A. D., Dnipro University of Technology
Annotation:Methods. The research was carried out on the basis of such methods as analysis and synthesis – during the separation of the sectoral market and identification of its main players; general and special – while clarifying the specifics of strategic behavior of Toyota Motor Corporation and Volkswagen Group on the consumer class car market; quantitative analysis methods – while studying the level of market concentration. Results. The article identifies global trends in the automotive industry development. The analysis of the market of consumer class cars is carried out, during which its main participants are stated, their market shares are determined and the market is studied from the point of view of concentration and degree of market power of leading companies. It is shown that the consumer car market is weakly concentrated with unevenly distributed market power of its main players. There has been proved the presence of a clear oligopolistic core on the market, formed by such leading Japanese and German automotive companies as Toyota Motor Corporation and Volkswagen Group. On the basis of a comparison of the historical path that these companies have taken in the struggle for world leadership, general and specific features of their strategic behavior are identified. While conducting the research, the main focus was put on identifying factors that determine the company's ability to take advantage of the favorable conditions of the external environment of its business, as well as to resist the dangers that arise because of changes in demand and in connection with the actions of competitors. Novelty. There has been demonstrated the importance of conducting market research, which is one of the important components of forming a business development strategy. On the basis of the analysis of the world market of consumer class cars, its key players’ dominant strategies are identified, which include the implementation of innovative approaches to development. Practical value. The results of the study are applied in nature as they allow to understand the importance of market analysis to obtain information about the specifics of functioning of certain sectoral markets, major players interacting in a market environment, which allows to choose a more effective development strategy for one’s company. 
Keywords:Sectoral market, Consumer class car market, Market concentration, Concentration index, Harfindale-Hirschman index, Market power
File of the article:EV20212_044-051.pdf
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