Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University




Issue:2021 №2 (74)
Section:Economic theory
Article language:Ukrainian
Title:Active learning practice with databases of international organizations
Author:Lytvynenko N. I., Dnipro University of Тechnology
Annotation:Methods. In the process of studying modern active learning methods and approaches in teaching economic disciplines, methods of analysis and synthesis, observation method, methods of induction and deduction, methods of comparative analysis, graphical, logical and tabular methods were used. The methodological basis of the study was the methods of pedagogical experiment, which made it when economic undergraduate students were taught. The interactive exercise is based on the experimental learning model of D. Kolb. The graphical method was used to summarize the research results. Results. This article describes the practice of active learning utilizing the UN statistical database UN Comtrade which allows to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and empirics. The proposed exercise is aimed at practicing the skills of practical application of knowledge in real-world settings, which are mandatory for university graduates. The types of online resources have been described which are available free of charge through the UN Comtrade Labs official web portal. The example of constructing a diagram of the type flat tree using the visualization tool The Atlas of Economic Complexity 2.3 which is developed by the Harvard School of Government has shown the use of interactive resources. Potential directions for developing active learning tasks using statistical databases of international organizations are introduced. Novelty. An active learning strategy is presented that uses real indicators of international trade from the UN statistical database UN Comtrade. Practical value. The chosen teaching strategy allows students to increase data literacy, gain the STEM-related skills of quantitative and empirical methods. Learning by doing is an effective means of increasing the level of assimilation of educational material. The acquired practical skills increase the competitiveness of graduate students in the labour market. 
Keywords:Active learning, Interactive resources, Practical skills, UN Comtrade, The Atlas of Economic Complexity 2.3
File of the article:EV20212_077-084.pdf
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