Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University




Issue:2021 №4 (76)
Section:Economic theory
Article language:Ukrainian
Title:Problems of youth employment and unemployment: global and national aspects
Authors:Prushkivska E. V., Zaporizhzhia Polytechnic National University,
Dvornik M. O., Zaporizhzhia Polytechnic National University
Annotation:Methods. The methodological tools of the study are a systems approach to scientific knowledge of economic phenomena and processes, adapted to identify problems of youth employment at the national and global levels. Specific methods in the study are as follows: historical-genetic method – in the study of trends in youth employment in the pre-crisis, post-crisis period and the period of pandemic reality; method of general and special – in characterizing global challenges and their impact on youth employment; comparative analysis – in identifying trends and features of youth employment in the world. Results. The article provides a theoretical study of the features and problems of employment in the world in the context of global challenges and economic instability. Based on the classification of youth employment and unemployment, the features of youth employment, which are manifested in economic instability, vulnerability, psychological instability, as well as an increase in the European Union NEET – young people who «do not work, do not study». It has been argued that in developed countries and countries undergoing transformational reforms, the COVID-19 pandemic and Industry 4.0 processes exacerbate employment problems and increase youth unemployment. Generation Z, which belongs to the category of young people and will be involved in the labor process in the near future, is analyzed through the «generation theory». Novelty. On the basis of theoretical and analytical generalizations on employment, the problems of youth employment in the conditions of economic instability, global challenges and postcognitive reality are classified and outlined. Practical value. Isolation and classification of youth employment problems allows forming an effective strategy of youth employment and developing an effective mechanism for its implementation, and recommendations for collaboration between business, education, international and government institutions serve as a basis for minimizing youth unemployment in the world. 
Keywords:Unemployment, Employment, Youth employment, Global level, National level, Industry, COVID-19, NEET – youth
File of the article:EV20214_018-025.pdf
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