Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University



Issue: 2021 №4 (76)


Fedorova N. E.  Post-industrialism and its essential characteristics

Prushkivska E. V.Dvornik M. O.  Problems of youth employment and unemployment: global and national aspects

Fedun Yu. B.Golubka D. S.  Features of regulation of national development of franchising

Pashkevich M. S.  Issues of managing social, economic and environmental development of regions and risks of spatial depressions

Pylypenko Yu. I.Dubiei Yu. V.  Macroeconomic indicators of the level of technical and technological development


Parkhomenko N. O.  Diagnosis of influence of global indicators on development of business systems

Kulyavets V. H.  Investment attractiveness of Vinnytsia region from the point of view of international investors

Krylova O. V.Zamkovyi O. I.  Integration of Ukraine into the world financial space under contemporary conditions of development of the global financial services market

Korniiko Ya. R.  Customs clearance of goods in export mode: theoretical aspects

Savchenko M. V.Khadzhynov I. V.Zavydovska A. O.  Ukraine’s export potential and its implementation in trade and economic relations with eu countries


Bardas A. V.Bogach K. S.Dudnyk A. V.Kazymyrenko O. V.  Evolution of verbal instruments of management communication in the context of the concept of diglossia

Shvets V. Ya.Dubiei Yu. V.  Management of innovative potential of Ukrainian industrial enterprises


Kozenkova V. D.Kozenkova N. P.  Modeling the intangible assets’ elasticity profile as a tool of financial benchmarketing

Myachin V. H.Stovpnyk O. V.Karpenko V. A.Miroshnichenko O. V.  Algorithm for constructing an integral indicator of financial security of an enterprise using a fuzzy-logical approach

Yermoshkina O. V.Musaeva N. M.  Payment system as a basic element of the digital economy: institutional-behavioral aspects

Shtefan N. M.  Bank's credit and investment portfolio structure optimization


Kasian S. Ya.Zub O. O.  Marketing pricing for products of the citrus store chain in the ukrainian high-tech electronics market

Pidlisna O. A.Vybornov A. O.  Analysis of trends in the use of advertising in social networks

Savchenko M. E.  Theoretical and methodological fundamentals of brand management of regions


Zalizniuk V. P.Safonik N. P.Kaya A. S.  Modern trends of innovative activity of enterprises of Ukraine in the international economic space

Tymoshenko L. V.Litvinov Yu. I.  State and prospects of small enterprise development in the field of construction

Vagonova O. H.Bekleshow D. O.Terekhov E. V.  Methodological justification of the directions of improvement of qualification of the personnel of the enterprise

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