Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University




Issue:2012 №2 (38)
Section:Environmental management
Article language:Ukrainian
Title:Application of project management methodology for improving the energy efficiency of innovative variable systems
Authors:Dmytruk I. A.,
Krasnoshtan A. M.,
Kogut R. J.,
Pechenyk O. M.,
Salnikov Y. G.
Annotation:The issue of increasing of energy efficiency of using of variative system by using of project management methodology, which covers all stages of innovative-investment cycle has been considered. The new factors, which have the influence on the energy efficiency of variative systems were found, and also the stages, realisation methods and effetive technology of project management has been found. The quantity values of energy efficiency levels of determined system variants are determined. 
Keywords:Project management, Energy efficiency, Variative systems, Optimization
File of the article:EV20122_097-101.pdf