Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University



Issue:2013 №3 (43)
Section:Environmental management
Article language:Ukrainian
Title:Economic aspects of controlling the degree of atmospheric air pollution from moving sources in an industrial city
Author:Timoshenko L. V.
Annotation:Emissions from motor vehicles are identified as having the most significant effect on air quality among movable sources of pollution at the municipal level. The forecast of the volume of polluting substances emitted into the atmosphere in general from movable sources and from automobile transport, in particular, taking into account the confidence interval, is made for Dnepropetrovsk city. The necessity of forming organizational and economic policy in the field of air protection based on an integrated solution the motorization development issues is proved. 
Keywords:Industrial city, Air pollution, Movable source, Pollutants emission forecast, Economic and environmental tools
File of the article:EV20133_121-129.pdf