Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University



Issue: 2013 №3 (43)


Pilipenko G. M.  Community culture as a factor of economical development

Matyuk T. V.  Role of education in economic development of society

Luste O. O.  Psychological determinants of the effect social-economic transformations

Taranenko I. V.  Improvement of export pattern as a factor of country’s competitiveness increase

Khodzhayan A. O.  Macroeconomics stability in the system of competitive development of economy

Shevchenko Yu. O.  The main trends in national service sector development in conditions of global economic instability

Limonova S. M.  Investment activity of TNCs in Ukraine: problems and perspectives

Solyanik L. G.  From losses to profit: key factors of success of domestic enterprises

Boyko V. V.Tolok V. V.  Complex system of reproduction and renewal of capital funds of Ukrainian enterprises in modern economic environment

Toporkova O. A.  Accounting policy as a constituent part of expenditure management system

Tereshchenko M. K.  Peculiarity of expenditure calculation in project and construction and mounting organization in modern conditions

Vakulchik O. M.Dubitskiy D. P.  Assessment of economic enterprise safety in crediting conditions

Khalimendikov E. N.Zinchenko S. A.Youshkov E. A.Dedic I. A.  Economic efficiency of continuous flow process technology of well construction


Timoshenko L. V.  Economic aspects of controlling the degree of atmospheric air pollution from moving sources in an industrial city

Terekhov E. V.  Improvement of economic management of pricing the ground restored in the conditions of open-cast mining

Baluyeva O. V.  Method of calculating the index of socio-ecological-economic development of a city

Maydukova S. S.  Economic expediency using potential resource potential of mineral contained in coal production waste


Pereverzeva G. V.  Role of nonfinancial incentives in modern management

Protasova E. V.  Model of assessing the influence of management’s decisions on the enterprise value

Vishnevska M. K.  Marketing cooperation as a valid mechanisms of cutting the project launch costs

Synitsyna Yu. P.  Ways to increase the effectiveness of strategic management of iron ore raw materials reserves at a metallurgical enterprise


Kovalchuk K. F.Polushenko V. A.  Model of assessing client’s trust to insurance company

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