Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University




Issue:2013 №4 (44)
Section:Economic theory
UDK:304.5: 316.7
Article language:Ukrainian
Title:Methodological potential of modern economics in the research of economic entities coordination
Author:Pilipenko G. M.
Annotation:Theoretical and methodological approaches to the analysis of coordinating the economic entity activities are presented. It is stressed that economic theory based on neoclassical pragmatics operates limited inventory. The necessity to integrate theoretical achievements of the sciences studying a human as a bio-socio-spiritual being is emphasized, which allows in theory to combined into one organic whole the institutional and individual processes penetrating socio-cultural, economic, political and other spheres of social life. 
Keywords:Methodology, Coordination, Market coordination, State coordination, Theory of general market equilibrium, Neoclassical paradigm, Neoaustrian school, Frankfurt school, NeoKeynesian theory, Institutionalism
File of the article:EV20134_009-021.pdf