Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University



Issue: 2013 №4 (44)


Pilipenko G. M.  Methodological potential of modern economics in the research of economic entities coordination

Matyuk T. V.  Education as social economic development factor: numeric and qualitative features

Vagonova O. G.Romanyuk N. M.  Expert evaluation of trends in the development of mining and processing enterprises

Nusinov V. Ya.Kolesnikov D. V.  Improvement of methodological approaches to identification of life cycle stages of vertical-integrated structure

Prokopenko V. I.Bondarenko L. A.  Factors increasing competitiveness of dump trucks in domestic production

Tsimbalyuk O. V.  Justification of expert-analytical monitoring of technical risks at metallurgical enterprises


Sokirinska I. G.  The criteria of determining the required value of investment for maintaining the enterprise dynamic equilibrium state

Ishchenko M. I.Nusinov V. Ya.  Performance evaluation of holding participants on the basis of the budget execution analysis

Metelenko V. V.  Precondition of building an economic security system at an industrial enterprise

Donchenko T. V.  Research and theoretical approaches to the classification readjustment of enterprises

Popova A. O.  Etymology of «economic mechanism of industrial enterprises» category

Dumenko N. M.  Gap management in interest rate risk assessment in the Ukrainian banking system

Tsurkan I. M.Gerasimova I. Yu.  Investment activity of insurance companies in the securities market of the developed countries

Nikitina O. B.  Influence of tax regulation of export-import operations on Ukraine’s competitiveness in the global economic system


Nikolaeva V. K.  Determination of demand in innovation product as a stage in the consumer choice research

Romanova A. A.  Application of marketing information system in the process of destination branding strategic plan development

Litovkina O. O.  Marketing strategy of consumer satisfaction monitoring on the base of NPS index (Net Promoter Score)


Kovalchuk K. F.Nikitenko O. A.  Knowledge Mining technology for financial markets forecasting

Timoshenko L. V.Us S. A.  Optimization of raw materials supplies at industrial enterprise under the condition of noncomplete information


Dolgov O. M.  Higher educational institution as a subject of employer’s activity under market relations conditions

Medvedovskaya T. P.  Student self-education at higher technical educational institution in the process of future specialists training at the present stage

Azyukovskiy O. O.  Structuring of teaching materials in the process of providing educational services to adult students

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