Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University




Issue:2014 №3 (47)
Section:Economic theory
UDK:330.34.011. (477)
Article language:English
Title:The development of Ukraine’s economy under the influence of global tendencies
Authors:Kirijenko O. M.,
Kobzar N. I.,
Andrejchykova A. V.
Annotation:The trends in the global economy in the context of globalization as well as their positive and negative consequences are examined. Problems and future direction of the economy of Ukraine under the influence of globalization processes, as well as the degree of inclusion of Ukraine in the world economy are identified. Directions for creating conditions for effective international integration national economy are suggested. 
Keywords:Internationalization, Globalization, Globalization factors, World economy, International integration, Econom- ic development
File of the article:EV20143_041-048.pdf