Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University



Keyword: Globalization


2021 №4 (76) Bardas A. V.Bogach K. S.Dudnyk A. V.Kazymyrenko O. V.  Evolution of verbal instruments of management communication in the context of the concept of diglossia


2021 №2 (74) Dubey Yu.  Factors of technical and technological inequality in the conditions of global imbalances

2021 №1 (73) Dubiei Yu. V.  Technical and technological development: essence and trends under globalization conditions

2020 №4 (72) Prushkivska E. V.Avramenko K. O.  Innovative strategies for development of international companies in the conditions of globalization

2020 №2 (70) Stukalo N. V.Lytvyn M. V.  Perspective scenarios for achieving sustainable development in the context of global threats


2019 №1 (65) Bagmet K. V.  Institutional changes in the social sector of the national economy: external trends and internal contradictions

2019 №1 (65) Huzenko I. Yu.  Cultural-value aspects of economic globalization

2017 №4 (60) Prushkivskaya O. V.  Export-oriented and import-substitution policy in formation of the consumer market of the national economy in globalization conditions

2017 №1 (57) Krylova O. V.  Financialization and economic crisis

2017 №1 (57) Letucha A. A.Letuchaya O. V.  Strategy of financial recovery of metallurgical enterprises of ukraine in the context of globalization

2016 №2 (54) Kusakova Yu. A.Samilo A. S.  Improvement of the stimulation mechanism for the development of services in the national economy in globalization


2016 №1 (53) Pulariya P. A.  Influence of foreign direct investment on the economic development of Ukraine

2015 №3 (51) Gerasymenko A. G.  Essence and vectors of economic systems transformation

2015 №1 (49) Pizhuk O. I.  Main trends of services sphere development in countries with transforming economies

2014 №4 (48) Shynkaruk L. V.  Structural and social evaluation aspects of proportionality and disproportionality in economy

2014 №4 (48) Arkhipov O. Yu.Cherkavskaya T. M.Druzenko A. N.  Interconnection of shadow economy and state institutions in globalizing world economy

2014 №3 (47) Kirijenko O. M.Kobzar N. I.Andrejchykova A. V.  The development of Ukraine’s economy under the influence of global tendencies

2014 №3 (47) Gornyak O. V.Pilipenko Y. I.  Structural policy of Ukraine under world economy globalization conditions

2013 №3 (43) Shevchenko Yu. O.  The main trends in national service sector development in conditions of global economic instability

2013 №1 (41) Tsimbaliuk I.Pidtserkovniy B.  Development of national taxation systems under increased international tax competition

2011 №1 (33) Chetveryk T. M.Lytvynova O. M.  Directions of state influence on the level of the food security under globalization