Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University



Issue:2014 №4 (48)
Section:Industrial economics
UDK:620.9: 622.3
Article language:Ukrainian
Title:Power resource management at the mining enterprises
Authors:Temchenko O. A., Gorlov M. I., Temchenko G. V.
Annotation:Technological and organizational factors of influence on the efficiency of the use of power resources are analysed taking into account the calculation of specific cost at the technological processes of ore-dressing production on the stages of extraction and processing of iron ore. A scientific-methodological approach is offered for the estimation of the use of resources on industrial enterprises based on taking into account the combined costs of power resources of ore mining and processing production in natural terms. 
Keywords:Energy resources, Energy saving, Energy efficiency, Energy consumption, Power consumption, Specific costs, Mining enterprises
File of the article:EV20144_109-115.pdf