Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University




2018 №1 (61)

Ovchar P. A.Golubka S. M.  Strategy of automotive transport system development: contents and features of formation

Bondarchuk O. M.Temchenko H. V.Maksymova O. S.  Efficiency optimization of industrial mining companies activity

Hryshanina O. O.  Justification of investment decisions on implementation of innovative technologies of coal mining

2017 №4 (60)

Prushkivskaya E. V.Nikolaenko M. I.  Specific features of development of the aviation industry at the international and national level in globalization conditions

2017 №3 (59)

Vaganova A. H.Arzhevichev D. V.  Forecasting the economic consequences of accidents at waste storage facilities of uranium production

Ovchar P. A.  Economic and legal aspects of automotive transport in ukraine

Sakun L. M.  Problems and perspectives of innovative development of machine-building industry of ukraine

2017 №2 (58)

Pylypenko Yu. I.  Innovative development of ukraine's aircraft industry as a mechanism of strengthening the points of economic growth of the national economy

2017 №1 (57)

Lehovitser V. O.  Formation of innovation development directions of industrial engineering branch under european integration

Letucha A. A.Letuchaya O. V.  Strategy of financial recovery of metallurgical enterprises of ukraine in the context of globalization

2015 №3 (51)

Varava L. N.  Innovative approach to wages in mining industry of Ukraine

Vagonova A. G.Bondarenko L. A.  Methodical approach to the formation of competitive advantages of quarry dump trucks on the basis of their technical parameters

2015 №2 (50)

Romaniuk N. M.  Conceptual fundamentals of strategic development of miningand-processing integrated works

Gladka L. I.Poryvai A. A.Bodnya D. A.  Leasing as a means of overcoming the economic crisis of Ukraine

Kovalchuk M. V.  Organization-technological ground of investment necessities for support of the ore mining and processing combines’ mineral and raw materials base

Vagonova O. G.Odintsova K. I.Dosuzhyy V. S.  Definition of the main motives of employee turnover at enterprises in modern economic conditions

2015 №1 (49)

Serdyuk A. S.  The efficiency of public-private partnership investment projects in coal enterprises

Samusya O. V.  Feasibility study of application of heat pump technology for hot water supply of underground mining enterprises

Tymoshenko L. V.Krylova O. V.  Formation of socially responsible business environment for a cityforming enterprise in the uranium ore mining and processing region

Temchenko O. A.Tyutyunyk Yи. M.  Definitions of key factors for sustainable development of mining and metallurgical complex of ukraine

Nusinov V. Ya.Burkova L. A.  Characteristic features of economic efficiency estimation of anti-crisis measures at ore mining and processing enterprises

Drachuk Yu. Z.  Foundations for institutional support of innovative development of the coal industry

2014 №4 (48)

Temchenko O. A.Gorlov M. I.Temchenko G. V.  Power resource management at the mining enterprises

Solyanik L. G.  Social responsibility as a key factor of introducing the model of sustainable development of industry in Ukraine

Vagonova O. G.Prokopenko V. I.  Social consequences of economic activities of concentration mills in Ukraine

2014 №3 (47)

Yatsentyuk S. V.  Dynamic model of managing the development of the brands for industrial products

Vashchenko A. A.  Operation trends and development of priority engineering areas in Ukraine

2014 №2 (46)

Lobov S. P.  Components of economic effect of corporate information systems use at mining and metallurgical work

Bondarchuk O. M.Chaika O. V.  Economic efficiency of using steelmaking equipment with metal mixing method optimization taken into account

Solianik L. G.  Problems of improvement of investment activity management at enterprises of mining-metallurgical complex of Ukraine

Vagonova O.Prokopenko V.Kyrychenko A.  Definition of terms and conditions to impoement innovative supports in coal-mine workings

2014 №1 (45)

Vashchenko A. A.  Effectiveness of production-economy activity in management mechanism of industrial enterprises

Kadermeeva D. S.  Peculiarities of operation and public efficiency of the electric-power industry of Ukraine

Ishchenko M. I.Nusinov V. Ya.  Theoretical fundamentals of estimating the results of activity of enterprises associated with changes in their financial condition

2013 №4 (44)

Tsimbalyuk O. V.  Justification of expert-analytical monitoring of technical risks at metallurgical enterprises

Prokopenko V. I.Bondarenko L. A.  Factors increasing competitiveness of dump trucks in domestic production

Nusinov V. Ya.Kolesnikov D. V.  Improvement of methodological approaches to identification of life cycle stages of vertical-integrated structure

Vagonova O. G.Romanyuk N. M.  Expert evaluation of trends in the development of mining and processing enterprises

2013 №3 (43)

Khalimendikov E. N.Zinchenko S. A.Youshkov E. A.Dedic I. A.  Economic efficiency of continuous flow process technology of well construction

Vakulchik O. M.Dubitskiy D. P.  Assessment of economic enterprise safety in crediting conditions

Tereshchenko M. K.  Peculiarity of expenditure calculation in project and construction and mounting organization in modern conditions

Toporkova O. A.  Accounting policy as a constituent part of expenditure management system

Boyko V. V.Tolok V. V.  Complex system of reproduction and renewal of capital funds of Ukrainian enterprises in modern economic environment

Solyanik L. G.  From losses to profit: key factors of success of domestic enterprises

2012 №3 (39)

Zhurakovska M. B.  Problems of technology transfer regulation in Ukraine

Serdyuk O. S.  On the question of approaches to the restructuring of coal mines

Popova V. V.  Tools and methods of determining the reliability of investments in innovations

2012 №2 (38)

Obodets R. V.Krasnov O. A.  Technology Transfer in Ukraine: problems, current situation and ways to promote its development

Boychenko M. V.  Conceptual approaches to the development economics strategy of the Fund for Social Insurance for Industrial Injuries and Occupational Diseases in Ukraine

2012 №1 (37)

Matskevych Y. I.  Conceptual approaches to strategic management on the metallurgical enterprises

Lyashok N. Y.  Substantiation for the necessity of development of human capital of industrial enterprises under economic crisis conditions

2011 №4 (36)

Filipishin I. V.  Analysis of the factors of development of industrial enterprises of Ukraine

2011 №3 (35)

Pashkevich M. S.  Diversification of coal mines activity in the context of Ukrainian depressive regions' development

2011 №2 (34)

Voloboyev V. D.  Trends and directions of enforcement of development of machine-building of Zaporizhzhya region

2011 №1 (33)

Sharpenkov A. B.  Problems of material-technical maintaining of innovations in Ukraine

2010 №4 (32)

Pilova K. P.  Analysis of methodic of evaluation of economic efficiency of coal use in energy

2010 №3 (31)

Goroshkova L. A.  Correlation of globalization processes in the global and domestic metallurgical industry

Zaloznova Y. S.  Creation of industrial agreement in context of providing the quality of human resource management of coal mining enterprises

2010 №1 (29)

Zaloznova Y. S.  Social policy in mining industry of Ukraine: problems of building and development

2008 №4 (24)

Drachuk Y. Z.Gusak A. S.Kocheshkova I. M.Eremenko O. M.  Managerial and Economic Mechanisms of Innovations in coal mining sector

2007 №3 (19)

Dedikov O. I.  Innovations and Related Problems of Economic Development in Ukraine

Alekseenko D. D.  Attraction of Private Investments to Reform the Public Housing Sector

2007 №2 (18)

Salli V. I.Petrenko D. O.  The Economic Simulation of the Limited Deposits Mining

2006 №4 (16)

Kovzel’ K. A.  Cash Flaw Dynamic Discounting Conception

Symonenko O. I.Bardas O. V.  Considering The Question Of Optimal Investment Resources Distribution During The Exploitation Of Mineral Resources Deposits

2006 №3 (15)

Shatyriova A. S.  Assessment of value of mineral water deposits of Ukraine (methodological aspect)

Ischenko M. I.  Revelation of factors of assistance of join functioning of enterprises in extract-concentrate complex

2006 №2 (14)

Ponomarenko P. I.Solodiankin O. V.Kharin S. A.  Export of iron-ore output of Ukraine: analysis of dynamics and efficiency

2006 №1 (13)

Adoniev Y. O.  Investing the implementation of power-saving technologies on the enterprises of agriculture complex as a factor of declining of costs on goods of agriculture

Khodzhayan A. O.  Modern problems of development of investment market of Ukraine

2005 №4 (12)

Rusinova O. S.  Monitoring of costs on the stages of implementation of innovation project

Bardas O. V.  Optimization of costs in mining of deposits of granular phosphors at the expense of outsourcing

Bagrova I. V.Bagrov V. P.  About interconnection of characteristics of effect of capital investments

2005 №3 (11)

Karmazin V. Y.Lobachova N. V.  Analysis of conditions of goal setting mechanism forming under restructuring of enterprises of mining-metallurgical complex of Ukraine

2005 №2 (10)

Ascheulova O. M.  Fixed assets of production on geological organizations of Ukraine and efficiency of its usage

Bondarenko A. Y.Snisarenko S. G.Sharov O. I.  Organization-economical mechanism of energy saving

2005 №1 (9)

Kryvega K. V.  Tourist infrastructure in Ukraine: state and perspectives

Savostenko T. O.Gritsaenko A. M.  Comparative characteristics of methods of government regulation of innovative activity in developed countries and in Ukraine

Dovbnia S. B.Gulik T. V.  Methodical basis of restructuring of coal industrial enterprises

2004 №4 (8)

Salyga S. Y.Kyrylova L. I.Serebryakov V. O.  Defining the comparative efficiency of the investment project on the stages of preparation, projecting and efficiency

Sharov O. I.  Analysis of the innovative competitiveness of the coal-mining industry of Ukraine

Gerasimova I. Y.  Modem tendencies and conformity of the natural law of work efficiency development on the coal mining of Ukraine

Yevdokimov F. I.Rozumna N. V.  Social-economical problems of the industrial enterprises unification: methodological aspect

2004 №3 (7)

Loskutova Y. Y.Romanovsky I. H.  The mechanism of assessing a risk when making investment decisions

Blyzky R. S.  Evaluating the efficiency of resource-saving technologies used in ferrous metallurgy

Semenov A. H.  Structural and innovative restructuring of Ukraine’s economy: problems, outlooks, and priorities

Gulik T. V.  The choice of ways of restructuring the region’s mines on a multicriteria basis

Kabanov A. I.Neyenburg V. Y.Drachuk Y. Z.Zhogova I. V.  Ways of improving the system of technological and financial support of measures on reequipment of coal mines

2004 №2 (6)

Sharov O. I.  The present state of concentration of Ukraine’s coal production

2004 №1 (5)

Prokopenko V. I.Pilova D. P.  On the question of establishing the factors that determine the product cost of mining and dressing enterprises

Gerasymenko T. V.  Business problems of gas-oil exploration in Ukraine

2003 №4 (4)

Pylypenko Y. I.  Ukraine's current export potential and its government policy

Sharov O. I.  Ukraine’s coal resources and directions of their effective use

2003 №3 (3)

Salli V. I.Chmykhun V. O.  Increasing the efficiency of investment processes at inefficient coal mines

Dyachkova I. V.  The world coal market: condition, tendencies of its development and the outlooks of Ukrainian exporters

2003 №2 (2)

Kozarkiewicz-Chlebowska A.  Real options approach in the assessment of investment projects

Євдокимов Ф. І., Бородіна О. О.  Економічна безпека інвестицій в умовах перехідної економіки

2003 №1 (1)

Reshetilova T. B.  The perspectives of new methods of government regulation of the coal industry of Ukraine

Salli V. I.  To the problem of the increase in the performance of coal m ines

Amosha O. I.  The role of coal in the fuel and energy balance of Ukraine